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women who drink beer more likely to get pregnant
Scientist say that their research suggests that women that drink beer are more likely to get pregnant than women that don't drink beer.
Shit, you needed a government grant to tell you that?
Then again these are nerds we are talking about here. What were they supposed to do take our word for it?
To them, women are just like asteroids, 99% of what they know about them they learn through observation.
It's only every blue moon that they ever get close enough to one to touch and it is even rarer when they get a piece.
Of course women who drink beer are more likely to get pregnant, they are getting it more.
Researcher Mette Juhl and a team from the Danish Epidemiology and Science Centre in Copenhagen studied the drinking and life-style habits of over 30,000 women from across the country to find out how long women spend trying to get pregnant.
What's really funny is that in the end, they never found an actual connection to alcohol itself and fertility just that women that drink get knocked up faster and more often than women that don't.
I think their next research assignment should be showing a connection between women who get invited to parties and women who get pregnant, followed by women who are cute and women who get pregnant.
same difference

frequent masturbation protects against prostate cancer
So it is true. The lonely nerd will inherit the earth.

scientists create hermaphroditic fetus for no good reason
Hermaphrodites for those of you not really into porn that is a person with both male and female genitalia.

Source: Ananova

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