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Exorcist Leads Hunt For 'Entrail-Eating Ghosts'
Traffic was brought to a halt in Thailand's Muang district when more than 1,000 people took to the streets led by a veteran exorcist looking for an entrails-eating ghost that has been suspected as being responsible for a string to deaths in the area.
1000 people? That's a lot of motherfuckers. In fact, if you ask me that's about 999 more than you'd need to find an "entrail-eating" ghost but just about enough to make you feel like you could actually do something about it if you didn't happen to find one.
The irony of all of this is that there isn't an exorcist on the planet that actually believes in ghosts, demonic possession and what not. How could they? Who the fuck would actually go out looking for a non-material otherworldly entity that feeds on human entrails armed only with a song book and a string of wooden beads?
I mean come on let's be real, that flies right in the face of self-preservation.
The only reason this bastard can act so cock-diesel about finding ghost is because he will be more surprised than any one of those 1000 people behind him stopping traffic if he actually came upon one.
Phra Khru Udom Panyakorn was called in to catch and destroy the guilty pee-paub, according to the Bangkok Post.
His fee of £14 800 was paid by the desperate, frightened villagers who are willing to try anything to get the mysterious deaths to cease.
So armed with hollow bamboo and a song book Phra Khru Udom Panyakorn claimed that at the end of the day he had captured 39 ghosts. Only nine were of the entrail-eating variety however. According to the Bangkok Post All of the ghosts were later destroyed by cremation.
Cremation? If I'm not mistaken when you go to hell don't you burn forever in a lake of fire and brimstone?
Then wouldn't that kinda imply that evil people are at least somewhat fire retardate?
According to Udom Buasri, former lecturer on Buddhism and philosophy at Khon Kaen University, less than 10% of the population truly believe in exorcism. People just are desperate because there have been so many unexplained deaths lately.
Tell them to turn on the television it's called SARS.
Source: Bangkok Post
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