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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
New Reality Series "Boy Meets Boy". Damn, That's Too Real.
Bravo has a new reality television program in the works called "Boy meets Boy" that matches up single gay men in romantic situations. Here is the catch, (as if it needed one) in order to draw in a larger audience than just gay men (straight men in particular) they are planning on secretly including straight men among the pool of dating prospects.
If in the end the guy the contestant picks is one of the straight "plants", he will just walk away with just a cash prize.
However, if the love of his life turns out to be a homosexual like himself, then they will get an all-expense paid vacation wherever gay people go when they go on vacation.
Damn, just hearing that much was so good it almost made me swallow my gum.
No, but seriously here, how is this show supposed to appeal to straight men again?
Does Bravo really think I am going to turn away from "Sports Center" to see if Brett will finally work up the nerve to ask Kip if he'd like to go steady?
And how exactly are you supposed to "plant" straight men into a pool of gay men anyway? Haven't you ever heard of Gaydar?
What straight dude would "make out" with a man just so he could fuck up a real invert's chances at romping across some beach with the man of his dreams in matching rainbow Speedos for a fucking television show?
In case you didn't know there is a huge difference between "hey, you do your thing and I'll do mine" and "I'll make out with him -- but only if its good television".
"Boy meets Boy" will be the first ever dating show that has promoted gay shit.
Apparently Bravo was encouraged by the ratings that they got while airing a gay-themed programming marathon against the Super Bowl last year.
Talk about hitting your target audience. That was a smart move because if any identifiable group wasn't going to be watching the Super Bowl my bet would be that there would be quite a few "bone smugglers" in the demographic.
"We have created a gay world where the straight guys are in the closet," gay producer and reality veteran Douglas Ross of Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. said.
"We really wanted to attract the straight population," Ross said. "By adding in this twist, we thought it would bring in a larger audience and would challenge the notions of all of our viewers - both gay and straight."
But the question is how exactly is adding a bunch of "highly suspect" straight men who volunteered to enter into a gay dating pool going to entice straight men to watch?
Again, why would we care?
I mean yeah, we are human and all, but we come in all different flavors. It might all be ice cream but it sure as hell ain't all vanilla.
Straight men like car crashes, bad kung-fu, and big loud guns. We like our sex and our violence both gratuitous and senseless.
In fact the more gratuitous and senseless the better.
Straight men and gay men aren't even following the same evolutionary path when it comes to this type of shit.
I haven't jumped rope in my life. Every four years or so you can pick up a paper and find a group of Gay men somewhere lobbying to make it an Olympic event.
We live in different worlds.
If "Boy meets Boy" is successful Bravo will likely give the go ahead on another gay-themed series this summer, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," where five gay designers make over the wardrobe of a heterosexual man.
Wow. Bravo really knows what straight men want to see. I know can't wait to see "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". I can see myself now sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to see just what kind of shirt Ramone will pick out for MichaŽl to wear with those purple pants and off white shoes.
Source: Associated Press
same difference
Billy "The Gay UPS" Doll Taken Off Shelves
Lawyers for UPS have made Totem International the makers of the "Billy Doll" cease producing what UPS called a ``grotesquely' anatomically" correct homo- doll dressed in the classic UPS uniform and to remove it from it's collection.

Oil Wrestlers Want To Stop Gay Men From Watching

It's OK To Roll On The Ground With Half Naked Men, As Long As Gay Men Aren't Watching!