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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Lisa Marie Likes Rough Sex. Mike Wasn't Hitting It Right
Lisa Marie Presley has never been shy about stating the obvious.
She says she likes her sex rough and that Mike wasn't hitting it right.
That's pretty much the gist of her playboy interview.
Lisa Marie is her father's daughter. Not only does she heavily favor ol' Jailhouse Rock in the looks department but apparently, she likes it in bed the way her daddy did too.
Lisa Marie Presley told Playboy magazine that she likes things "the way they do it porn movies."
Hell yeah. "Love me tender" was the biggest lie ever recorded.
When asked about Mike's love making abilities she said that he isn't "sexually seductive, but there is something riveting about him." No shit? Mike isn't sexually seductive? Who would've guessed?
And Lisa, once again, not being shy about stating the obvious said that there is something riveting about him? Shit there was something riveting about the elephant man too. Speaking of "being hard tolook away from" the Elephant man's bones need to be one of the things that Mike puts up for sale at his Never land garage sale next month.
Lisa Marie admits in the interview that she thinks "I'd be much better as a lesbian".
Hell yeah. Dude I am diggin this chick.
So in the same interview, she has admitted that she likes it "the way they do it in porno movies" and "she'd be better as a lesbian".
Fuck Liz Phair. I want Lisa Marie's new album. If Lisa Marie was singing "Hot White Cum" instead of Liz Phair I think we would be on to something.
Now if she could only find some interesting way to incorporate that little closet freak she has inside of her into her stage show and the material on her LP.
Hell, let's not forget that is how Elvis made it big. He was gyrating his hips in front of all of those sheltered kids in the 50s fresh out of Bible camp and they just ate it up.
He made his name dancing like a man that knew he had a penis and knew how to use it. Lisa needs to make her name singing and dancing like a woman that knows she wants a penis and she knows how to use it.
How much do you want to bet that Lisa is probably more like her father than she lets on or that Elvis fans, who have over time, have managed to transform Elvis into this conservative redneck icon would actually care to believe?
I mean conservative Jesus freaks in the south have pictures of Elvis on their walls right smack dab next to Jesus Christ. Elvis practically had conservative Southern Baptists in conniption fits in 1956. Now he has earned a place next to the son of a virgin? How'd that happen? Ed Sullivan wouldn't even show him from the waist down when he appeared on his show in the infamous waist up only performance in 1957. That is the kind of risqué shit that I am sure Lisa has in her if someone could just bring it out.

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Source: Associated Press, Wired flash, Arizona Central
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