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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Art Instructors Complain Cartoon Women's Breast Are Too Big
Female instructors at The Art Institute are up in arms over the size of the breasts of female characters in animated movies and video games.
They are complaining that they are being drawn too big.


Here I was thinking that I was the only one that thought the point of video games was the realistic portrayal of life.

Angela Love, an instructor at the Pittsburgh campus, calls the characters in these animated movies and video games sexist and says, "a breast reduction would be a good thing."

Why is it that if I depict a woman with the chest of a 12-year-old boy you will hardly hear a complaint? Yet as soon as the woman is getting pain in her back from lugging around a pair of DD's on her chest suddenly it is sexist?
Let's me address this sexist charge.
All depictions whether intentional or not of lust is sexist. Lust is the objectification of a person.
I am sorry if 99% of the time I have no interest in taking it any further than that. I only have so much time in one lifetime. It isn't feasible that I get to know every intimate detail of a woman's inner child before I allow myself to want to fuck her.
Often times this objectification is coupled with stereotyping because our fantasies are mainly composed of stereotypes.
Portland-based art instructor Nance Paternoster says "there aren't enough interesting female characters that have a brain". That is a common criticism of everything thing men write with women characters.
Horny nurse, horny English teacher, horny step mom, horny best friend's older sister, horny gun toting, half naked huge boobed alien hunter from GRRL planet…see a trend here?
I doubt any of those roles would be written with enough complexity to inspire an academy award winning performance from anyone. My fantasies are not that sophisticated.
And you know what I say to that? So fucking what?
According to the article both of these women Angela Love and Nance Paternoster were unable to name one specific character whose boobs were too big or able to give one role model for breasts size.
Why do you think that is? Of course they had to have had some idea of whose boobs they felt are "too big" otherwise they wouldn't be purposing breast reductions for animated Characters?
The reason they are reluctant to be specific is because as soon as they do, they are guilty of all the charges that they want to accuse the creators of these animated films and video games.
If they say that DD breasts are "too big" they are guilty of tossing their particular aesthetic preference into the fray and essentially is telling every woman that has DD breasts or larger that "their chests are too big."
The last thing they want to do is tell some insecure 14-year-old girl with 36DDD breasts that "something is wrong with her" because that is exactly what they are contending the video gaming / animation industry are doing to flat chested women by highlighting busty women.
What kills me is that the guy that loves women with A cup breasts is no less objectifying the chest of the A cup woman than the guy that love huge boobs.
How come he gets to objectify unscathed? Is objectifying A cup breasts supposed to be better somehow than when men objectify DDD breasts?
It's not like we are making it up. There are women out there that have DDD breasts. It isn't like it is unheard of. That is why Grrl Planet has the slogan "And they told you women only had bodies like these in comic books" because that is common propaganda thrown out by the bitter boy-chested contingency that you have to be obese to have DDD breasts.
The instructors say the reason that busty cartoon characters are getting so out of hand is because not enough women are getting interested in the animation field. How about the reason the women in video games and animations are getting bustier is because "that is what men want to see".
same difference

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Source:  Wireless Flash, Wednesday June 26, 2002
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