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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
The Myth of Creation vs. The Theory of Evolution

Creationists get on my nerves. It doesn’t bother me that they believe “God” created the world in seven days. What bothers me is their insistence that the world shows overwhelming evidence that it had a grand designer. All I hear from them are things like “if the Earth were only 3 miles closer to the Sun then we wouldn’t be here”, or “if the Sun were just 3 miles bigger, or “if this” or “if that”, all I have to say is “so what is your point?” Let me explain a very simple principle to you.  I agree with you, the life forms that exist today are very complex, and they do work very well together with the environment in which they live, and in general, things are delicately balanced. 

My question is why does the reality escape you that this is because if “life as we know it” didn’t work within the environment they were given they simply wouldn’t exist. Or better put, they exist in the way they do because of the environment. Meaning if the Earth were 3 miles closer to the Sun, there might not be as much water on the Earth, but who is to say the life on the Earth then would be populated with life forms that didn’t need that much water to survive?

Simply put, creationists  are looking at all of the “A” students and concluding that they must be the product of a great curriculum, ignoring the millions of students that failed. These “A” students, meaning the life forms that exist today, might be only .5% of all the life that has tried to exist on earth. If only .5% of students were getting A’s and the rest failed out, most of us would conclude that there was something wrong with the curriculum, we would not be praising it.

Teaching children in school that by looking at nature it provides evidence of a designer because of the depth of its complexity is criminally faulty. They also talk about how mathematically improbable it is that life would begin the way scientist theorize. Need I remind you of two things? One, we are talking about billions upon billions of years to accomplish this, not seven days, and secondly, it only had to happen once. It can be 1 and 30 billion that it can happen, but given that you have a laboratory as large as the earth, and working around the clock 24 hours a day 365 days a year and 9 billion years to do it, I think I will take those odds. As a matter of fact, not only will I wager that it was done but that it was done many thousands, maybe millions of more times on countless worlds yet to be discovered. Amen. Plus you’ve got to do better than quote a book written by people wandering around the fucking desert, give me a break. After suffering heat stroke about 5 times a week you are liable to hear, write and see anything.

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source: Associated Press
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