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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
American Voters. Voting the Party Line.
A vast majority of Americans vote for a party platform they do not vote for a candidate. Statistics show the presidential debates fall on deaf ears to people who consider themselves a Democrat or a Republican. Every Republican thinks their candidate obviously won the debate and every democrat thinks that their guy obviously won the debate. All debates serve are as a vehicle to try to persuade those “independents” or “undecided” voters as to which poison they’d prefer. 
More and more studies are showing that people, while still voting for their parties candidate feel that they are increasingly voting for a candidate they are not all that enthusiastic about. In general, the independents report to voting for the candidate that they consider the “lesser of two evils”
I think this ties into how Americans view the political parties in general. It is one of the reasons that we have been a two party system since the beginning. Americans look at politics and political parties the exact same way as we look at our professional sports teams. I am a Redwings fan. Every call an official makes against the “Wings” is what we laymen call a “horrible” call. Sometimes refereed to as the “what the fuck were you looking at you blind bastard?” call. And likewise, every call the officials make against the other team was justified, honest, expedient and most of all fair.
”Any honest, fair-minded God fearing person could see that was the right thing to do. He had to make that call it was obvious.”
My father was a Wings fan. His father was a Wings fan. I am a Wings fan and I will bring my son up as a Wings fan. All I have ever heard around the house is how great the wings are from everyone that I have ever known or respected all my life, so why the fuck would I ever go out and buy a St. Louis Blues jersey?
That is why it was damn near blasphemous that Sen. James Jeffords decided to leave the Republican party and become an Independent after he was elected to his term as a Republican. People didn’t pull that lever from his state because they wanted him to make up his mind on where he stood from issue to issue.
They pulled his lever because he was the only Republican choice representing his state and that is who they wanted in that seat, a Republican.
Voters don’t want surprises. They don’t want you to look over the facts and make an educated decision on a case-by-case basis. All the facts that they need to know is that you are a Republican or you are a Democrat. They want you to vote the platform. Whenever they get together and iron out the party platform that is where all the heated debates need to take place, behind closed doors. Once it is settled where the party stance is going to be, then it is time to come out as a unified front and just vote the party. I would be pissed if I was from Vermont and I voted for this guy. He was a Republican. His name when I was in the booth was irrelevant. I saw the Elephant and I pulled the lever. I wanted him to vote no to bigger government, no to more gun laws, no to affirmative action programs, yes to increased military spending, yes to restricting or outright banning late term abortions, yes to the $300 Bush is giving me back on my taxes so I can take half a months rent and go do my part and rebound the economy by making an extra car payment.
Now he is an independent. Which means that some of the time he is going to side with me and other times he won’t. For example, he might be for increasing spending on defense but he may also be for protecting a woman’s right to choose. Or he isn’t for more gun laws, but he is for more federal regulation of something like developing some standards by which we all need to meet for education.
If more people were like him I think it would be the best thing for our democracy because our politicians would be voting the issues the way most Americans actually are. But the way American’s currently view politics, Brett Favre is our man as long as he is throwing touchdowns for the Green and Yellow, if he ever went to Minnesota and started playing for them he would be dead to me. No one appreciates a politician for his dedication to voting his conscious, like most people can’t appreciate an athletes athletic ability unless they are playing for their team. Vote your conscious, however please refer to the party platform so we can tell you what your conscious is.
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