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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Only In Boxing. A Dead Man Rises Up In Boxing Ratings For Four Months.

Only in boxing. It has been recently discovered that the World Boxing Organization had a dead man ranked in the top 10 of its super middleweight division for four months.

I donít mean he fought like a stiff I mean he was literally decomposing. Not only had Darrin Morris, who died last October of HIV-related meningitis at age 32, been placed at No. 5 in the latest ratings (January) before the WBO adjusted them, since his death, he had actually been moving up in the ratings.

Morris (28-2-1, 18 KOs) eventually appeared at No. 10 in the WBO's rankings nine months after his final bout. He slipped to No. 11 in July, but moved up two spots in August. He was No. 7 at the time of his death, but subsequently was promoted twice more.

"It is sometimes hard to get all the information on boxers, and we obviously missed the fact that Darrin was dead. It is regrettable." ó WBO president Francisco Valcarcel

He was at 5 when they caught on that he was dead and closing in on the number one contender spot without having a fight in almost 2 years.

The Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, which became federal law last year, mandates sanctioning bodies, be more forthcoming with information regarding their ranking procedures. I guess that means that they have to start claiming their bribes on their federal income tax returns now?

same difference

Evander Holyfield: Criminally Hypocritical.
Listen who really believes all the Jesus my lord and savior bullshit that Holyfield chokes us with before during and after his professional boxing matches.

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