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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Scientists Uncover 5,000km-long ant Super colony
I am all about being nice to animals. I just adopted a dog this past weekend. However, that sentiment of good will towards "life" in general on this planet does not extend to insects. I show a bug in my house about as much leniency as President Bush did a retard on death row in Texas.
If only those little fuckers weren't so important to the fucking food chain...
Insects have one goal in mind and one goal as far as I am concerned and that is the complete and total domination of the planet earth and everything on it. The only reason they don't succeed in their nazi-like schemes is because they know that they have to wipe each other out first before they can take us on.
If they could actually agree to fuck each other up AFTER they kill us all off a we would be fucked.
I bring this up because just recently nasty plot to take over the earth by a super colony of Argentine ants was uncovered and foiled the other day by a team of Swiss, French and Danish scientists.
They uncovered a 5,000km-long super colony of ants that stretches from the Italian Riviera to north-west Spain.
The team of Swiss, French and Danish researches say it's the biggest cooperative unit ever recorded, consisting of billions of Argentine ants living in millions of nests that cooperate with one another.
Normally soldier ants between super colonies fight to the death but in this case they just formed one huge colony and basically were plotting to make their move on the surface world any day now. The researchers say that in addition to the main super colony of ants, they've found a second super colony of Argentine ants in Spain's Catalonia region.
Evidently there isn't any "beef" between the different ants because although they come from different queens they are close enough genetically to recognize each other.
Don't take that as a sign of weakness. 90% of all other species of ants around the area have been completely annihilated.
In the long run, though, this cooperation could lead to the supercolony's self-destruction, Laurent Keller of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland says. That is because in such a giant colony many workers are unrelated to the queens they help to raise.
However, at least for the time being these super colonies appear un-fuck-witable.
same difference

Giant Cockroaches Were Alive Before the Dinosaurs.
300 million years is a long time. Roaches have seen a lot of shit come and go. To live that long you have been doing something right.

Lost City' FOUND Under Caribbean. Religion prepares for knockout punch
Can't you just hear the little patter of religious scholars feet rushing to reinterpret something explain a civilization that they have never accounted for?

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
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