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Why Nefertiti Disappears from Historical record
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I know a lot of people that couldn’t stand to watch Jerry Springer’s television show.
The people on that show were just too trashy, too ghetto and just had too much Lou. They were shameless.
Personally, I could stomach it, only because I didn’t expect anything different from the quality of talent he would bring on the stage.
I mean, any man who would sleep with his own brother’s wife deserves to get embarrassed in front of a national television audience when he finds out that she’s had a sex change and now she is really a man.
But what I have found out through reading history is that there was a lot of Jerry Springer type stuff going on throughout history.
14 years into Akhenaten’s reign as Pharaoh (1336 BC), his wife, the famously beautiful Nefertiti vanishes completely from historical record.
I mean literally. One day she exists and the next day she doesn’t.
Now you would think that if a Hippopotamus had come out of the Nile and eaten her along with all of her slaves while she was nude sunbathing along the Nile shore someone would have mentioned it.
Then again, maybe they wouldn’t’ve.
One of the other great mysteries is why Hippopotamus is always so pissed off all the time.
I’m not buying that Pharaoh was so distraught after her sudden death that he forbade anyone from talking about her.
My gut tells me that Nefertiti being stricken from the historical record has something to do with Pharaoh Smenkhkare.
Maybe not so coincidentally, the flaming gay Smenkhkare becomes co-ruler of Egypt along with the openly bi-sexual Akhenaten around the same time that Nefertiti disappears.
Not only were Akhenaten and Smenkhkare lovers, they were also brothers as well.
Now some theories say Nefertiti fell out of favor with Akhenaten, probably because he realized that she wasn’t really blood related to him, and it might’ve become against the law to even mention her name, so no one did, and that is why she just vanishes from record.
But I suppose that she was most likely killed by Akhenaten’s gay lover/ brother Smenkhkare, who is jealous of her Nefertiti being the jealous queen that he was, and probably forbid her from ever being mentioned again in any official government letterhead.
Then there are some that say that Nefertiti is actually Smenkhkare. They say that Nefertiti disguised herself as a man and ruled Egypt along side Akhenaten as a dude.
Although that would be consistent with how bizarre the royal family was back then, that theory causes its own list of problems as Smenkhkare was also married to the daughter of Akhenaten’s new Queen, the one that replaced Nefertiti, a woman named Kiya.
So that would make Nefertiti a cross dressing dyke to boot.
I think the story that she was eaten alive by a pissed of Hippopotamus while nude sunbathing on the banks of the Nile is a little less disturbing, don’t you think?
The fuck up thing is that this is the family that Tutankhamen is born into as Smenkhkare is the Pharaoh immediately before he took the throne.
Talk about being born with two strikes against you.
Then to boot, it turns out that the face on the funeral mask of Tutankhamen, arguably the most famous face of any Pharaoh in Egyptian history, is probably the face of Smenkhkare because it was the most mature looking face out of the mummies that they found in Tutankhamen’s tomb so they just ran with it.
It is believed that Egyptian Pharaohs routinely married their sisters and even their daughters to keep it all in the family but this is the first time that I have ever heard of incestuous gay brothers.
When you think about it, what a terrible trade off that was. You’re born rich as hell, with God like powers to do anything you wish and the catch is that you have to fuck your family to keep the blood line pure.

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