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Teacher-Student Sex
Consensual teacher student sex happens more often than you think. Just not as much as you and I might like.
Female Teacher Accused of Fucking Drunk Special Ed Students
This Isn't A "You Can't Fuck The Willing" Scenario Here Fellas.
Teacher Fucks two female students in his classroom and videotapes it.
Although he admitted his conduct was improper, Correnti said his conversations with the girl were meant only as a "joke".
Teacher Who Wrote Her Students Sex Letters is Back in Class Teaching
They Gave her 20 hours of therapy before she could teach again to show her they meant business.
Teacher Pursues Sexual Relations with student After Student Reads Poem About Tits
"She told us that her intent when she invited (the boy) to her house was to have a sexual relationship," Detective Cristian Harnisch wrote. "She told me that if he had agreed to it, the only thing that would have stopped them was if (the boy) did not have a condom."
Teachers fucking students is getting a little too common.
I think it is time I got serious about continuing my education.
Second Teacher this Week Gets Arrested For Fucking Students In The Same High School.
"From what we can tell, they didn't even know each other. It's just a coincidence that they worked at the same school."
Male Teacher dressed as woman to seduce teenaged boy
Now I am not trying to compare myself to a transvestite elementary school teacher but I am saying that the Lions go where the Gazelle are.
Teacher allegedly fucks student, student's dad
Note to self, things can always get worse.

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