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Retarded Teen Pleads Guilty To Giving Head To Toddler On A Dare
Nicole the cock-sucking retard baby-sitter Harris is looking at 10 years in prison for giving the 18-month-old boy she was baby-sitting 12 blow jobs over the course of a few weeks on a dare.
If You Think It Sucks To Be Retarded.
I don't feel half as bad for a legally retarded person that scored 75 on his IQ test as I do for the guy that scored a 76
School District Pays $180,000 To Get Rid of Retarded Kid They Called The "Kid In The Cage"
He got off to a stormy start, head-butting a special-education teacher on his first visit.

US Airways Refuses Seat To Retarded Girl.
Since Katie was afraid of the bathrooms for whatever line of reasoning a retard uses, she sat in her own piss on the bus until he could buy some fresh clothing to change her.

Woman Admits Torturing Retarded Man At A Party For Kicks
How Come Capital Punishment Is Only Reserved For Murderers?
Face To Face With The Real Life Munsters
Everyone around us were eating those little cracker packages off the center piece to calm their stomachs. This was no disease.
Team Spain Athletes Feign Retarded To Win Gold At The Paralympics.
All this was exposed when Carlos Ribagorda of the Spanish basketball team said he and other medal winners were not in any way retarded.
Tard wrongly accused of pedophilia run out of town
I wish someone would convince him to sue the shit out of this city but unfortunately he would probably settle out of court for box of popsicles and a shiny red ball.
same difference

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