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What you are willing to do for it is the best barometer I can think of to determine just how much your dignity, your word, and your integrity are worth.
Women Look for Flings with co-workers at the annual Office Christmas Party.
Now This is What I call Getting Into The Spirit of Christmas

Illegal Erections 
Mississippi Wants To Make Public Erections Illegal.

Monica Lewinsky. Proof That Men Can Turn Women Gay 
Since All Men Want Is To Get Their Cocks Sucked Monica Now Eats Pussy!

Justice Gennaro Tridico
Says A Woman Can't Be Raped If She Is Wearing Jeans.

The Erection Test. Fast, Foolproof and Incredibly Inexpensive 
Why Debate Over What Is Or Isn't Pornography? If You Get Hard Looking At A Kid We Should Just Lock Your Ass Up!

Despite Sexual harassment laws Women Are Fucking At Work More Than Ever
20 percent said they would be prepared to have sex with their male boss ``regardless of whether or not they fancied him if it meant certain promotion.''

"Sex for A Car" Salesman Ends Up In Prison For Parole Violation.
This is news only to someone who reads this crap


What do you get when you mix A Travel Guide With your jerk off material?
Where Can I Get My Copy?

Calling Into Question The Legality of Prostitution
If I Am 7 Feet Tall I Can Exploit That To Get A Job, How Come I Can't Exploit The Fact That I Can Fuck Like Elizabeth Taylor To Make A Living?

Woman Dies After Having 18 inch Dildo Shoved Up Her Ass 
Sounds Incredible, But I Guess An Asshole Can Take It.

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