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T-Rex -- Savage Killer Or Scavenging Bully?
Tyrannosaurus Rex was kinda like a superhero with a sweet ass costume that has a superpower that gives him the ability to make your soda to go "flat". It was all image.
Dragonflies Are 'Invisible To Their Victims' Chalk Up Another One For Evolution
Now that is some shit that it takes millions of years to get.
Scientists Find Jurassic Age Dinosaur Vomit. How Is That Possible?
What is the constitution of dinosaur vomit anyway? It must have the consistency of Spidy's web fluid.
Giant Cockroaches Were Alive Before the Dinosaurs.
300 million years is a long time. Roaches have seen a lot of shit come and go. To live that long you have been doing something right.
Ocean of Lava Blamed for Ancient Animal Deaths
It killed off damn near everything on the planet but the roach. That is right, fucking LAVA doesn't even kill roaches.
yellowstone national park is a supervolcano that could blow any minute
geneticists now believe that the last time Yellowstone erupted it reduced the population of the earth to just a few thousand people
brace yourselves the earth's magnetic poles are ready to flip
When Mars' magnetic field permanently disappeared particle storms started to batter the atmosphere and as a result the sun literally boiled its atmosphere off.
its almost official: Neanderthals were not humans
I bet you haven't heard anything that contrary to how you were raised since the Second Vatican in October, 1965 declared that Jews weren't all going to hell for killing Jesus .
Dinosaurs Fried within Hours of Cosmic Collision, Study Concludes
God’s problem is he fashions himself as an artist and unfortunately he is his worst critic. And people wonder why human beings are so neurotic.
maybe Neanderthals and modern man didn’t screw each other after all
You know what they say, if you get tired of beating a dead horse don’t just resurrect it, say you carbon dated it to be 30,000 years older than you originally thought, then super glue some wings on its back and call it a Pegasus.
Software may reconstruct DNA of extinct animals
One of the challenges of writing this site is to always look for new and interesting ways of saying the same damn thing.
Discovery of New Species of Human Screws with Human Evolution
This new creature Homo floresiensis aka “the Hobbit” is tossing a wrench into the wheel for evolutionist, creationist will just ignore it, but followers of Edgar Casey will embrace it.

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