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Losers will park at theater until "Star Wars" opens in May
Women quit complaining. This guy will marry you sight unseen for a pair of adult underroos and proof that you know the difference between a Star Destroyer and A Death Star.
Two Girls Get Shit On At A MTV Taping of "Dude, This Sucks!"
I am sure it did
Man attacks car wearing a hospital gown and wielding a chainsaw
He and several friends had been inspired by a cable television show…once again I will give you time to guess which one.
Ms. Conger's Win-Win Theory
She cited ``fraud'' and ``mutual mistake'' as grounds for ending the brief marriage.

Elian-itis' A New Disease To Explain Cuban American's Brush With Reality!
Nothing Else Should Be Said About This. Shut Up And Go Home.

Larzaro Gonzales vs. Juan Gonzales Pay-Per-View
Let's Make It Happen
Office Politics: How I Get Fucked At My Job
In the corporate world I am the village idiot. I am the guy that feeds the bears at the National Wildlife Reserve.
What The Fuck Is Processed Chicken?
They used the same mayo on her sandwich that they used on my sandwich. If she tastes something ffamiliar I would appreciate it if she didn't keep us in the dark.
Beanie Baby Scam Gets A Man 15-Years In Prison and Another man deported.
Police aren't sure where all the money went, but $10,000 worth of losing lottery tickets were found in his apartment when Cross was eventually arrested.
The Truth.com "Obnoxious Assholes Who Want To Save You
from Yourself!"
Who In The Last 30 Years Hasn't Heard That Smoking Kills?
Truth Revealed: Captain America's Super Serum was tested on unsuspecting black men first
Behind every scientific experiment that "accidentally" grants a white man amazing super powers which he then uses to go out and get all the pussy and glory that comes with saving the day, there are probably a whole slue of half-dead, disfigured, crippled and maimed Negroes who were used as scientific "guinea pigs" that they tested that shit out on first.
White trash entertainment to replace hip-hop as the new cultural fad
There is some guy named Uncle Goddamn that they say poised to be the next biggest thing to come out of the trailer park since the crew slut.
Miller Lite's 'Cat fight' ad angers some viewers
Miller Lite's "Cat fight" Ad is by far my favorite ad running on television. I wouldn't be surprised if it will end up being my favorite ad of the year.
Smashing the Importance of the Critic
is objectivity just a title that we use sort of like a blue ribbon award to place on people that eventually end up agreeing with us in the end?

Elvis Presley Made More Money In 2002 Than Ozzy Osbourne
If that mumbling motherfucker is high entertainment, they need to give Muhammad Ali his own variety show.


Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Retracts Statements In Loom Of Redneck Uprising
And with the leg of their US tour coming up in about 60 days in South Carolina, this might be a good time to try to rebuild some bridges because they are about to drive their tour bus right into the belly of the beast.


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