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Saint's Blood Liquefies and Doll's Hair Keeps Growing
What bothers me is that scientists have confirmed the substance inside the closed vial is blood but cannot explain why it turns to liquid.
Clothes factory owner quits after 'Jesus appears on jeans'
Juan also would not comment on whether or not the likeness of David Koresh, the most recent incarnation of Jesus had given authorization for his image to appear on the jeans.
Man arrested for setting fire to "possessed" teddy bear
What is Hasbro spelled backwards…Quedbaschemod?
Yet Another Psychic Convicted of Fraud
Walter Kerr said that "Half the world is composed of idiots, the other half of people clever enough to take indecent advantage of them." I can't say I disagree.
Half-Assed Exorcist fatally stabbed in dispute over fee For Half-Assed Service!
8bm note to any aspiring Exorcists: When fucking with the devil, make sure you get paid up front.
Authentic Vampire Killing Kit
Now if you are me, you are a bit bothered by the word authentic within certain contexts.
Grandmother kills over message on Ouija board Then Runs away Screaming in Demon on Two broken Ankles.
I don't know about you, but that is some pretty supernatural shit to do on two broken ankles.
Dive-bombing birds drive off mail delivery for four days!
Proof of Voodoo if I ever needed some
Sodomizing Poltergeist Terrorizes Tanzanian Island
According to local villagers, it is especially prone to attack "anybody who doesn't believe."
Exorcism Leaves Seven Dead When They Hire Low Budget Exorcists
If You Can't Afford The Best You Can't Afford The Rest.
Firefighters Mystified As Rocking Chair 'Sets Itself On Fire'
I say the next time she teleports back into the prime material plane from hell she should try to be more careful.
Man Uses Silver Dagger to 'kill' Vampire Mother
It would suck to be in a coma in Transylvania wouldn't it?
School Children Regret Fucking with the Evil Spirits in the Tree
I could never be an exorcist by profession because what the fuck is stopping it from deciding to just follow me home?
Vampire Attacks Increase In Colombian Capital
Yeah, it all starts out as fun and games until someone gets hurt.
Woman lifts 5,000-pound Van Off Her Husband
So is it adrenaline or a miracle?
Pharaohs Curse Feared as Young Girls Shake and Burst into Tears At Egyptian Exhibit.
There is no doubt a perfectly rational explanation - Anna Maria Donadoni, curator of the Egyptian collection.
Cell phones are killing Ghosts and Ruining England's Haunted House Industry
All that money I invested in Dr. Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler's research and I could've gotten the same results if I would've put that money into Nextel.
Electrocuted Man Rises From The Dead.
Jesus Who?
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