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Real Monsters
People tell you when you are a kid that there’s no such thing as real monsters. Then you read about how scientists have discovered a 5,000km-long super colony of ants that stretches from the Italian Riviera to north-west Spain or that what we call vampirism is actually a real disease called “Pofiria” that is genetically inherited and can be brought out of latency through alcohol or drug abuse and you have to reconsider.
Scientists find strange squid in ocean depths
maybe Godzilla was really a big underwater lizard that could breathe fire that naturally evolved in the brilliant design of God that is all the creatures of his planet...just like this giant squid.
Scientists Uncover 5,000km-long Super colony of Ants
I show a bug in my house about as much leniency as President Bush did a retard on death row in Texas.
Skeletal remains of Godzilla-like creature found at Lumut beach
a Brunei security guard who was patrolling the area discovered this "tail" when the overwhelming odor of rotting Godzilla caught his attention
werewolf cult recruiting teens over the internet
Someone, somewhere needs to get some data together and see if a lack of fucking hobbies in kids today is in any way correlated to making asses of themselves.
vampirism is a real disease
I don't know how much of the sensationalism surrounding Vampires Hollywood can take credit for. Drinking blood and eating raw meat is pretty sensational right out of the box. Just add water.
godzilla-like creature spotted in Papua New Guinea
Naturally when a dinosaur-type creature is spotted it's standard operating procedure that a posse must be formed to answer the threat.
Vampire hunting still serious business in Romania
I have never hunted vampire before but I would like to one day. Remind me not to eat before I go out to kill one though.
Uganda capture 16-Foot-Long, Man-Eating Monster Crocodile
What I would like to know is if it actually took these wildlife experts twenty years to capture this thing or it just took twenty years to try.
new species of ferocious giant ape discovered in Congo
According to the “natives” in the area this ape has a particularly aggressive disposition. I do believe the word that they used was “ferocious” and that the natives had even witnessed them killing lions before.
Giant Squid Spotted Just Off Coast of Japan
A giant 26 foot long squid was recently caught on film attacking Tokyo.
Oops. Sorry. I misread.
same diffrence

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