Mysterious Monkey-man Attacks 65 people In Indian Capital
All in all police tallied 65 reports of people who were broadsided by this mysterious attacker with a monkey face and a human body scratching and biting them in unprovoked attacks.
Monkey Man Leaves New Delhi For Lower Assam. Victims Still Seeking Closure
"How do I know that is God making the sun stand still? Shit, that could be anybody."
Monkey Man Didn't Kill Enough People God Goes Back To Tried And True.Cyclones!
Apparently the monkey man idea has been scraped and God is back to his old natural disaster gig.
Monkeyman Creates Scare in Khanpur. He May Have Met His Match.
People have said that they don't think that this "Monkeyman" is a thief because "no one would try their hand here". This might just explain why people are chasing this bastard around and trying to kick his ass.
Police suspect 'monkey man' is alien or remote-controlled robot
Whether it is official or not, if the police come across a guy in a monkey suit with a metal helmet shaped like a gorilla face on his head they are not going to be bringing him in for questioning.
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