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Man Suing After Hospital Mistakenly Removes His Testicles
Doctors for better or worse hold all of the power. If they tell you have yellow fever all you do is put your face in your hands and ask him how much time you have. You have no clue if that is a disease or a new shade of crayon.
Doctors Misdiagnosed A Testicle That Had Swollen To The Size of A Baseball As Cancer.  
Do you blame them?
Woman Dies after Underground Bootleg Plastic Surgery To Enhance her ass!
What ever happened to the old fashion way of getting a bigger ass...sitting on it?
Teen surprised he had to give sperm sample for headache
Intuition. Ever heard of it? You know it's sorta like the force but everyone can do it.
Man's Penis Stays Fully Erect After Botched Operation
"…in the wake of the procedure, he developed an infection in his penis which left him with discharge and a lump the size of an egg on the right side,”
Sometimes a little violence can say a whole hell of a lot more than a lawsuit.
Doctor Carves Initials Into The Side Of A Woman!
Woman Gets Her Breasts Enlarged to 40DD --without her permission
He was only trying to help.
Woman Left For Dead By Rescuers Calls 911 A Second Time
Of Course a bullet in the head hurts like a bitch. What Did You expect It To Feel Like?
discovery channel to foot bill to remove 168 pound tumor
Walking around with a 168 pound tumor on your back must be like having a family of midgets piggy back riding inside of a bean bag on your back.
Organ Donor's undetected Rabies Kills 3 Recipients
If the word "suddenly" is used in a sentence on your autopsy report then I think putting a tag on your toe and sending you down to the meat shop to cut you up and share your organs with other people should be strictly prohibited.
Psych Drug Caused Boys to Have Lactating Breasts
I swear, if you can’t trust Pharmaceutical companies then who can you trust?
Doctor prescribes Jesus not medication to cure depression
I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the doctor to get his opinion on whether or not I am praying enough.
Nurses hid patients from incompetent Doctor to save their lives
Shortly after he arrived the nurses on staff even gave him the nickname “Dr. E. coli” because of how many patients of his would come down with infections after he got done working on them.
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