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Mad Science
Mad science is scientific achievement that no one asked you to do and no one wanted you to do. It’s a philosophical approach to science and scientific endeavors that has its practitioners dedicated to doing all of the things that we saw scientists attempt in schlocky science fiction movies when we were kids. The scientists in those movies had no interest in curing cancer but things like telepathic communication helmets, disintegration rays, mutated monsters, remote controlled zombies, giant robot monkeys, and faster than light travel however were all on their personal to-do lists.
They don’t want to cure the common cold, they want to swap brains between a horse and a monkey just to see what happens.
When you ask them, “Why?” they answer, “Why not?”
Researchers use CT scan to study mummy whose body turned to soap
Damn, I guess everything I ever needed to know about soap I did learn from Fight Club.
Some Say The Sky Is Falling. I Say God Is Shitting On South Lakeland.
It's brown; it's dropping from the sky, and it smells.
Alter our DNA or robots will take over, warns Stephen Hawking
Is it just me or has God stolen plot ideas from bad comic books and is now forcing us to actually live them out?
Scientist Says Evidence Shows That The Mind Continues After Brain Dies
They speculated that human consciousness may work independently of the brain, using the gray matter as a mechanism to manifest the thoughts, just as a television set translates waves in the air into picture and sound.
Scientists Transplant Monkey's Head On Another Monkey!
What The Fuck Did You Do That For?
Russian Doctors Up the Ante and Grows A Penis On A Guy's Arm.
His penis isn't even cold in the waste paper basket yet before Doctor Cosmo Naught is telling him all about this fantastic procedure where they would grow him a new cock on his forearm.
Doctor Uses Brute Strength To Pry Open Man's Eyes After He Spills Glue On Them.
Michael D. Tydings says that he heard McKenzie say “oops” shortly after he started to feel a burning sensation in his eyes.
Thanks to Saddamn Hussein Now We Know What Happened to Gilgamesh
All science is either physics or stamp collecting. - E. Rutherford
We Almost Blew Up The World, Sorry About That.
Scientists Playing God Fuse Animal Brains and Machines.
Unlike the diabolical experiments of Professor Robert White switching heads on monkeys this actually might have a practical purpose.
Among the Inept Researchers discover that Ignorance is Bliss.
Incompetent People Are Have No Clue That They Are Incompetent!
Capitalism and Cloning Don't Mix. Ethicist debate the issues of Cloning humans.
”How much for the Elvis – Ann Margaret child with the perfect teeth?”
Racists Discover Through Science That Evolution Is A Bitch
Everyone White Can Be Traced Back To An Africa Tribe Which Still Exists.
Toe-Finger Transplants Are Growing In Popularity Everyday
"I cannot make it look like a real finger, but I can make it feel and function like one."
Here Is An Iceberg No One Can Miss
183 miles long, 22 miles wide. That is a big piece of ice.
The A3P3 Super Gun. Makes Batons, Plastic Bullets and CS Gas Obsolete.
Recycling your victims is the ultimate goal in development of state of the art weaponry.
Farmer Burns Enough CowShit To Power 250 Homes
all this talk that Bush gives about coal being "cleaner" than it has ever been is still not as efficient or as clean as a power plant run on shit.
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