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Man Dies After Fire Department Greased His Fat Ass Up To Get Him Out of the Bathtub
Then they condemned his apartment...
Obese Woman: Sally Jessy Raphael Was Really Rude To Me!
Marie claims that when she does meet her ideal weight of 140 pounds she will do the Montel Williams show.
Fat Woman Has To Get Cut Out Of Dress At Clothing Store
The store didn't make her pay for the dress either. They said the embarrassment was payment enough.
Coroner Complains His hydraulic lifts "Weren't Designed For This Shit"
When Chicago coroner Chuck West's equipment was made the engineers that designed it had no idea that a human being could eat himself to 700 pounds.

An Argument over Beer Money Leads Fat Fuck To Accidentally
Suffocate His Wife By Sitting On Her Chest!
Why Do Police Want More Money When They Have All This Entertainment?

Woman: Jazzercise Rejected Me Because I'm 240-lbs.
As far as I am concerned "doing" the job isn't the problem here. What the issue here is whether or not she can sell the workout.

Southwest to Make Land Whales Pay Double
What you call a seat I call a couch.
Airlines seek ideal woman to serve you peanuts and drinks.
I am all about watching your weight but this is ridiculous!
Firm creates operating tables for US hospitals that can support Volkswagens
We have gotten to the point where we are so fat in this country that companies have to build gurneys and tables intended for use on human beings that are sold as being strong enough to lift, pull, push and support the weight of automobiles
It Takes 16 firemen to lift 560-pound man
It took literally every fireman that was on duty at the time, working in a coordinated effort, an hour and a half to lift this man off the ground.
611 pound Land Whale has one leg that weighs 250 pounds
Dr. Phil is trying to help a 34 year old 611 pound woman who doctors estimate has one leg that weights 225-250 pounds all by itself.

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