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Man dies after corn stalk pierces artery. Karma is suspected.
I don't know if it is more accurate to think of Karma as one of God's lieutenants, or just one of Gods mood swings.
Man is Charged $337.50 On His Phone Bill For Being An Arrogant Bastard.
Somewhere a lowly hourly employee who works behind the customer service desk for a shitty retail outlet gets lightheaded as he feels a disturbance in the force.
KKK Leader who's real name was used just wants the harassing to stop
"I just wanted the articles to stop. They don't realize what they are doing to me and my family," said Railton Loy.
Whoever Is In Charge Of Dishing Out Karma Might Be Too Good At It!
Fire Ants Bite Woman Over 1600 Times. She Dies Of Heart Attack!
Drag-Racer Hits Another Car WIth His Mom In It; Killing Her
it sucks to be him, but I'd rather have him kill someone in his family than someone in someone else's family.
Karma Makes Another Hit. Man Dies In Backyard Cesspool
"The more they dug, the worse the body actually got stuck.'' said Sgt. Arthur Ahl
All You Wanted To Know About Karma But Were Afraid To Ask
Most of us don't have enough equity built up in our karma to get us out of a 21,980-foot fall. We barely have enough built up to have our girlfriend's pregnancy test to come out negative.
Woman, 83, Killed While Driving Up To Bank Window
...without warning her car sped in fucking reverse, went through a guardrail and crashed on top of another car below.
Police: Man Dies After Falling On His Coffee Mug. Karma Suspected.
For better or worse Karma is a man of very few words.
Man run over twice during middle-of-road temper tantrum
This is why I believe whole heartily in corporal punishment. Spanking my child when he or she is 4 will save Karma from having to do it when they are 49.
Identical Twins Killed in Identical Road Accidents
I hate to say it ladies and gentlemen but it looks like Karma might be losing it. God help us all
Horse Kicks Rapist In The Face Ahh.Karma You Tricky Bastard.
Kevin Bryant got kicked in the face trying to rape what he thought was a horse.
Just When You Thought It was Safe To Come Back As A Dog
The Beagle reportedly left four black paw prints on the concrete where it was standing when it was hit by lightning.
Left Eye Was Involved In Accident Which Killed A Honduran Kid Weeks Before Her Accident.
Evidently the police weren't notified of the accident because Lopes offered to pay all of the funeral and medical expense
Man Killed When Hit by Radio-Controlled Plane
We are guessing that the sun momentarily blinded him leaving a window of opportunity that his remote control plane just couldn't pass up.
Bees Kill Woman in Second Fatal Attack in 4 weeks.
Apparently, as of late these bees are nesting in nearby houses and flat out ambushing people as they are walking down the road.
Patient Dies After Surgeons Set His Throat Tube on Fire With Laser
As if you needed to be reminded...Karma is a bitch

Rapist Gets Tongue Bitten Off By Victim. Police Plan To Use His Tongue As Evidence.
Just When They Say Society Doesn't Have Any More Role Models

Sometimes There Is No Dignity In Death
All I ask Lord is that you let me die of something statistically feasible like everybody else?
Fisherman Nets Human Head Then Dies When Snake Bites Him
The only thing worse than Karma finding your name at the top of his list, is when Karma feels obligated for whatever reason to give you a little foreshadowing.

Apparently You Can Really Cheat Death.
This is the first modern day miracle that I have heard since that one dude lived for three hours after being run over and completely cut in half by that semi-truck in that parking lot.

If You Didn't Have Religion This Kind Of Shit Would Give You One!
God protects Fools and Drunks
Naked Teen Boys Credit Karma for Saving Their Lives
"It's a good thing we were naked when our car crashed"
Man struck three times by lightning. Karma's losing it.
After Kevin was struck by lightning he immediately fell to his knees with one of those blank Wile E. Coyote expressions on his face. Doctors found damaged tissue in his blood - a sign that lightning, which packs 35,000 to 40,000 amps, had in fact struck him.

kkk initiation ceremony goes terribly wrong (smile)
There are people that kick puppies for a living that have enough karma built up in their account to avoid shit like this.

Girl Sexually Assaulted In 2 Separate Attacks In 1 Day
People, I hate to break it to you but Jesus isn’t coming back. If he was coming back he would’ve then. Sorry.
Karma strikes again: Antifag activist's son turns out homo
”We had been having sex for ages but I’d always believed I couldn’t be gay”?