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Ethiopian Jews, or Falashas, arrive at Lod Airport in Israel. Ethiopian Jews are emigrating to Israel at the rate of 2,000 per month in the resumption of an operation that was halted by the Ethiopian government in 1985.Once known simply for cutting off the foreskin on their penises, now they are known to be at the center of any good conspiracy theory. Sometimes there’s a group of Jews running everything from behind the scenes but not always. However, there will always be at least one. For whatever reason, they are the unanimous choice for the scapegoat of the western world. Jews are to western religion what Little Richard is to rock-n-roll. Judaism influenced literally two of the most popular religions in the world, (Christianity, Islam) but the followers of these faiths would rather eat a bug than to give the credit Judaism deserve. Ever heard of any of these hits? Adam and Eve? Noah? Abraham? Moses? Jesus? Yep, all of them were Jews. I know, I know, I thought they were blond haired, blue-eyed Aryans too.
In a lot of ways Jews in America and Blacks in America have been inseparably innercoiled with one another. In the Turner Diaries, the niggers came door to door to collect everyone’s guns but the brainchild of the whole idea was, well, you guessed it, the Jews. Blacks are the muscle. Jews are the brains. That combination has put white supremacist in fits for generations. I don’t have an anti-Semitic bone in my body, mostly because I have had such little respect for the people that have tried to sell me that goat.
Jewish School Says It Was A Privilege to burn the new testament
In an effort to explain the "privilege" part of that statement very politically correct statement was issued by the school "we are not against Christians or Christianity but against Christian attempts to convert Jews." Thanks for clarifying.
Mormons posthumously baptize dead Jews out of Christian Duty
Mormon officials admit that the practice is "insensitive" but deep down they know that the Jews will eventually thank them in the end.
mel gibson's new movie about jesus is being called anti-semitic by jewish groups
No shit it'll make Jews look bad. The movie is about Jesus. Plus, Mel Gibson is making it.
israeli threatening deportation for chinese that sleep with israeli women
ministers warned of a “social time bomb” that could go off if the workers assimilated with Israelis. There they go with the bomb analogies again. 
Baby Dies After Rabbi Gave Him Herpes
I can’t think of a worse job. How many bloody cocks do you think this guy has to wrap his lips around in a week?
Israel refuses to extradite Jew accused of war crimes
If this was an 86-year-old German that had killed 1,500 Jews instead of a Jew who killed 1,500 Germans their would be international outrage if Argentina simply denied a request for extradition on “technical grounds”.
A Match Made In Heaven. African American's Need Jewish Lawyers!
Anti-Semitic? This is the most pro-Semitic article you'll ever read.
same difference
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