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Jesus Freaks
These are not simply people who believe in God or even people who believe in their religion fervently. Essentially, these are people who believe fervently in what has become the tradition of religion. When you think about it, these were the exact same people who had Jesus put to death when he was here the last time, or at least the last time we know of. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe he returned to the earth in 1914. The only people that managed to see him were their leadership and he dropped in just to tell them that heaven was going to be closed to all new applicants in 1935. So any new applications had to be in within the next 21 years, or else. It’s not certain how Jesus returned to heaven after that, if he just floated back up to the clouds or they had to beat him to death again, but I digress. The Jesus freak is the Christian that is basically such a traditionalist fundamentalist that the tradition becomes more important than the message and more important than the religion itself. The Jesus freak left Catholicism in 1963 when the Pope said that Jews weren’t automatically going to hell. Why? Simply because that is what everyone was always taught in Catholicism up until that time, that all Jews were going to hell for the death of Jesus. The Jesus freak wants to boycott retail stores that have “Holiday Season” signs up instead of “Christmas” signs but he doesn’t even know that Jesus wasn’t even born on December 25, nor do they care. December 25 was a popular pagan holiday the Catholics church adopted to win over converts and they just made it Jesus’ birthday. So basically, yeah, it is the holiday season, but that isn’t traditional is it? So how do you pick out a Jesus freak from just anyone that believes in Christianity?
It’s easy.
The Jesus freak does not care about learning about where his beliefs come from, rather he is just concerned that they are traditional. Jesus was killed by people who didn’t like the fact that he was challenging the traditional way of practicing Judaism. Some of the most time honored customs and belief systems in the Jewish community at the time he had challenged through logical argument and parables and that was enough to be put to death for. Jesus freaks today are the closest thing philosophically to those who killed Jesus over 2000 years ago because if you challenge what they believe, they will kill you too.
Girl Prays For God Makes Her Skin Dark Enough To Get Into Heaven.
I wonder if they qualify for Bush's "Armies of Compassion" program?

Happy New Year 
Thank Your For Not Destroying The World.

CBS Moves Dr. Laura From All The Good Time Slots. Who do they think they are doing That To A Messenger from GOD?  
She looks A Lot Better On Radio
Dr. Laura's Show...Simply Embarrassing
It couldn't have happened to a bigger bitch.
Pastor Dollar, Please Pass The Dollar. Religions Preach Financial Prosperity
Evander Holyfield Thinks He Can Buy His Way To Heaven!
Good Riddance. Seven Dead In Possible Family Religious Suicide
Low reading comprehension scores are nothing to laugh at
God Gives Possible Cure For Aids To A Goat Doctor
Man, He Does Work In Mysterious Ways
Lack of Faith In God Blamed For Over 43,000 Deaths A year
And Armageddon Doesn't Start Until Next Week
Man bears cross for Jesus although Roman’s NEVER crucified people on crosses.
Apparently, he doesn’t care about historical inaccuracies. Which is not at all out of character for fanatics.

Trio Put a Hog Ring in boy's genitals to stop him from masturbating
Something in my bones tells me that the hog ring comes from some twisted redneck preversion of Christian moral code, but maybe this incident is unique.









same difference
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