Pope Fails To Exorcise Devil From Girl With Super Human Strength
Even I know the strongest things in the world are Retarded Children and The Possessed.
Exorcism in America is Thriving.
Exorcism in America is thriving are you surprised? I didn't think so.
Mother Teresa Underwent an Exorcism for Attack by Devil
Apparently ``evil'' tends to attack ``holy people.'' Sucks being holy.
church goers suffocate autistic kid mistaken as possessed
There better be a lot more involved to demonic possession than just a difficulty focusing attention and a stuttering problem.
father tortured "possessed" daughters in basement
When your life isn't shaping up that way you'd like some one or something has to take the blame. And lord knows it's not going to be you.
Exorcist insists that he sleep with His Clients To Get Demons Out
Although I don't feel transcendental, I have noticed that my cats shit on the floor a lot more often now for some reason. Dammit. How could I have been so stupid?
Kid Has Broken back after Botched Exorcism
Today I learned that an exorcism isn't just about reading scriptures, chanting in tongues, burning incents, a lot of screaming, pyrotechnics and furniture flying around the room. No, that is Hollywood .
Catholic Church Blames Town burning down on the devil
The worst thing that happened to Africa was Catholic missionaries. Giving western credibility to "the devil possessed your washing machine" is inexcusable.
Exorcist found guilty in child's death
At least make sure that you at least “google” the word “autistic” before you take someone’s word that your child is possessed.
same difference

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