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I love horror movies. Scratch that. I love horror movies about things that can’t happen to me. I am not too fond of horror films that I could be in the middle of someday.
Jason doesn’t bother me. The chances of me running into an inbred wearing a hockey mask hanging out in the middle of the forest are not very good. Freddy doesn’t scare me either. Well they scare me enough to still have a good time with it all.
Basically what scares me is anything horror related that has a “based on a true story” tag on it.
Inspired by true events has basically the same effect. I remember watching an NBC “based on a true story” made for TV movie about some doctor that killed his wife and kids and blamed it on some Manson family like hippies and I was convinced that I needed to keep one eye on my father and another on my escape route from my house until I was out of middle school.
When I found out that The Exorcist was based on a documented true story I had a hard time keeping the DVD in my house.
Once you make a movie about something that I believe can possibly happen to me then it cease to be entertainment to me and becomes more like an infomercial.
It’s funny, when someone in the first world is possessed by the devil and they aren’t a Jesus freak, I tend to believe it. However, if the same thing happens in the dark jungles of some third world country I just think they have misdiagnosed some mentally ill patient.
I know, I know. Villageism is a bitch, isn’t it?
No one believes anything that comes out of a person’s mouth if they live in a village including myself. I am just as guilty of that as anyone.
I need to work on that.
A full-time exorcist practicing here in the states is not my kind of job. I prefer to delve into the dark side in my life purely on a theoretical level.
You can forget about me seeking any hands on experience with furniture moving around the house all by itself, light bulbs exploding and household appliances turning themselves off and on even when they are unplugged from the wall when you are alone.
I live in the states. I don’t have any culturally acceptable explanation that I can use to explain some otherworldly thing having a conversation with me through the static of my shower radio.
Pope Fails To Exorcise Devil From Girl With Super Human Strength
Even I know the strongest things in the world are Retarded Children and The Possessed.
Exorcism in America is Thriving.
Exorcism in America is thriving are you surprised? I didn't think so.
Mother Teresa Underwent an Exorcism for Attack by Devil
Apparently ``evil'' tends to attack ``holy people.'' Sucks being holy.
church goers suffocate autistic kid mistaken as possessed
There better be a lot more involved to demonic possession than just a difficulty focusing attention and a stuttering problem.
father tortured "possessed" daughters in basement
When your life isn't shaping up that way you'd like some one or something has to take the blame. And lord knows it's not going to be you.
Exorcist insists that he sleep with His Clients To Get Demons Out
Although I don't feel transcendental, I have noticed that my cats shit on the floor a lot more often now for some reason. Dammit. How could I have been so stupid?
Kid Has Broken back after Botched Exorcism
Today I learned that an exorcism isn't just about reading scriptures, chanting in tongues, burning incents, a lot of screaming, pyrotechnics and furniture flying around the room. No, that is Hollywood .
Catholic Church Blames Town burning down on the devil
The worst thing that happened to Africa was Catholic missionaries. Giving western credibility to "the devil possessed your washing machine" is inexcusable.
Exorcist found guilty in child's death
At least make sure that you at least “google” the word “autistic” before you take someone’s word that your child is possessed.
Crucified Nun Dies During Exorcism
I don't understand why journalists are making such a fuss about this - Father Daniel
Pope Benedict XVI Greets Exorcist At Exorcist Convention
Doesn’t Pope Benedict XVI remind you of Senator Palpatine? I am tempted to put their pictures side by side to prove that there is a resemblance.
The Four Telltale Signs That You Are Possessed By The Devil
Finally I have something I can put in my back pocket so that I can be sure that I am dealing with the devil and not just some super strong, fire breathing telekinetic speaking in some dead Samarian language.
same difference

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