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The 43rd President of the United States . The only president in U.S. history to be given the presidency by the United States supreme court before the nation could actually confirmed that he'd lost the election. As a bona fied Jesus Freak he seems to have no understanding of the concept of separation of Church and State, and as far as I can tell, has only one commendable political agenda, that he wants to send Africa a whole shit load of genetically altered foods.

War: Bush Says We Will Strike First
Ain't that a bitch? Arab fundamentalist are now trying to pass themselves off as Mexicans.
Bush and The Karla Tucker Fiasco
`Please,' Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, `don't kill me'
Dubya Refuses Invitation to Speak Because Organizers Couldn't Guarantee Him a Standing Ovation
If this administration wants to pitch their ideas to people but they won't tolerate any heckling then they need to seriously look into sending somebody else. That is just asking too much. All stand-up comedians get heckled.
Whatever happened to Cyanide Pills and Self-destruct Buttons?
And Bush says "Give us our shit back,".
Dubya: "Is John Ashcroft your idea of Being A Unifying President?
I am sure Redneck Gentlemen Magazine loves to interview Ashcroft because he always offers an interesting perspective on the often misunderstood philosophy of racial segregation and racial supremacy.
Bush Uses Subliminal Messages In Campaign Ad To Try To Win Votes
This may be one of the most bizarre things I have ever read in regards to any political campaign ever.
Cloning: Dubya Wants Human Cloning Banned
For once, just once, I would like to hear someone say exactly why cloning is wrong without using the words "unnatural", or "God
Bush says poverty can be alleviated by caring souls. 
Well It can also be alleviated by a job.

Dubya Chokes On Pretzel, Falls off Couch. Doctors Assure Us That This Is Normal
If you are listening to his doctors, it is pretty common to accidentally swallow a pretzel the wrong way, which consequently slows down your heart rate to the point where you pass out, fall off a couch and bust your face on the floor so hard that it jars the pretzel from your throat. Let me get this straight. The man had a serious drinking problem?

Bush Denies He Is Dyslexic. I Believe Him. He Is An Idiot. No Need To Offend Dyslexics
Give me a break. Like they just discovered that this fucker couldn't talk.
News Flash!! Dubya is Suddenly Against Killing Retards
Here is the catch Bush doesn't believe in mental retardation.
The King Is Dead. No, not Elvis. Long Live "President" Dubya
Honeymoon over.
Ladies and Gentlemen Introducing The Next President of the United States
Part One of Two
George Bush gets heckled at the NAACP dinner.
At least he showed up. That is more than you can say for Dole.
Bush Reveals Plan To Give Federal Money To Religious Groups To Replace Government Programs.
James Allen you called it first.
The Compassionate Conservatives Attempt Another Pre-Emptive Strike!
Bush has killed 19 Death Row Inmates Already This Year Why Stop Now?
Family First Sitcom Sexes Up Dubya Daughters! Comedy Central Has Another Hit On Their Hands.
I Am There. What time? What channel?
Bush, Alan Keyes and Bob Jones University
If These Are The Kind of People That Support Bush...
Florida School Voucher Plans Called Unconstitutional
If You Want To Teach Me About Jesus Pay For It Yourself
Bush-McCain = Push Polls. Let's Play Fair Ladies 
American Politics. Nothing Pretty About it.
John Stewart says Bush is off limits on 'Daily Show'
If Dubya, a man who as recently as yesterday said that "we are going to use our navy to block all of Afghanistan's harbors", Afghanistan being a country that is landlocked, is beyond reproach, then the infiltration of you pod people is more advanced than I ever imagined.
McCain Was Right! If You Think Clinton Was A Bastard Let Me Introduce You To Dubya!
This is the difference between "being " a Character and "having" Character?
White House Officials Now Say Privately Wmds Were Not The Main Reason For War
The political part of the game is to feed the cheerleaders with something that they can digest rather quickly and won't upset their stomachs. A good comic book style good vs evil plot line works every time.
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