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The single most identifiable trait of a Democrat is that he lets a Republican lead him by the nose.
Although the Democrat sees himself as smarter, more educated, more enlightened and mature, which may or may not be true, what he isn't is as sure about what he believes as Republicans are about what they believe.
Democrats are the party of "means well". They mean well when they come up with ideas to help the poor put food on their tables, they mean well when they come up with programs to help seniors pay for their prescription medications. They mean well when they come up with foreign policy. Their problem is that they stand for nothing. They allow Republicans to consistently dictate the direction of the debate whether it is on abortion, war on terror, health care or religion in schools.
If you question a democrats patriotism he will vote for your war bill, regardless if he agrees with it or not, just because he wants that monkey off his back.
It never occurs to him to question your patriotism using the same busted logic that his critics used on him, just turned around the other way.
They are by nature educated but stupid, while Republicans by nature aren't educated but resourceful, so that dynamic breeds an unhealthy level of arrogance in Democrats, which manifests itself in them feeling like they don't have to reduce things to the lowest common denominator for people to understand. Republicans don't mind spreading misinformation, fear and breaking things down to black and white colors because they don't have any shame in getting the misinformed vote. Its not that Democrats don't want that vote too, its just that they are too full of themselves to reach down there and get it.
They know that the world isn't black and white, but they seem to have the hardest time getting other people to see that.
The Old Spineless Democratic Party is Back in Full Bloom
Republicans act like they expect to be elected into office while Democrats act like they are asking you to do them a favor and put them in office. 
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