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Comic Book Science

From the outside looking in, the science used in comic books is pretty weak to say the least. However, rarely do you come across comic book science that doesn’t at least on the surface, seem plausible.
If you listen to a quantum physicist speak, the concepts he is talking about seem harder to believe that Thor tossing a hammer into the sky and that hammer carrying him off into the air with it just because he was quick enough to remember to hold on to the handle.
Well it is precisely that plausibility which makes certain scientist actually test to see if these things actually work. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.




comic book science proves again to be applicable
Although you still won't be able to drive a car you will be able to avenge the death of your ninja girlfriend assuming you have the proper costume knowledge in Kung Fu.
Professor uses Comic Books Used to Teach Physics
My understanding of science as it stands is so limited the only reason I can give as to why 30 story monsters don't crawl out of the pacific and kick Tokyo to pieces is because if they could they would've done it by now.
What happens when your superpowers suck? Freak Accident Leaves Girl crying Acid tears.
Growing up reading comic books I have always envied people who survive freak accidents. I particularly admired people that survived accidents that involved radiation and bizarre experimental chemicals.
Real life super villain Dr. Chaos get 21 years in Prison
Well Joseph Konopka, who is now looking at 21 years in prison, took the first step towards becoming a super villain when he adopted the name Dr. Chaos as his alter-ego.
Has Anyone Ever Tried Putting On A Costume To Be A Real Superhero?
Are there people out there that actually wear spandex outfits and actually go around trying to fight crime? Sadly, the answer is yes.
Superman’s Cock Size Big Issue On Upcoming Film
Joel Schumacher must be involved in some capacity if people are actually paying someone to do nothing but adjust and readjust Superman’s package.
Real life Super-villain The Hypno-robber strikes again
this is barely even Pravda news, and you know and I know that Pravda will print anything

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