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Celebrity Life
Not being a celebrity myself, I have no idea what kind of pressures a person who is constantly hounded by the media live under.
I have no idea what it must be like to have the entire world want to know everything about you from what you eat for breakfast to what you take when you are constipated. I have no idea how violated one must feel to look outside your window in the morning and see strangers going through your garbage looking for anything they can salvage, clean up, take home and sell on eBay.
However, if I did live under that kind of microscope, I would probably concede that with that kind of scrutiny in my life, things like fucking under-aged girls and video taping my trysts for posterity, hiring a witch doctor to put a spell on a movie director for not casting me in a role I wanted, might get out. In short, the worst thing you can do if you are a person with a lot of skeletons in your closet is to have a hit album, a hit movie or be in a hit television show. There are plenty other ways to inflate your ego and be as obnoxious as you want to be. If you want to be famous and have no one care about what you do, write a book. You’d be famous all right, have all the money you could ever want and still be able to walk down the street and no one would recognize you. No one reads books anymore anyway, so unless you cast yourself in the movie version of your book the only people who would know what you looked like would be your stalkers.

"I Told you that this fucking crop duster couldn't take all this shit!"
Tragedies come in all shapes sizes and flavors. There is nothing more bitter than a preventable one.

Liz Hurley: oof
Remember the nightmare you had when you were a kid of going to school only to discover once you got there that you were completely naked. Well this has the very same premise only changed enough to avoid copyright violations.

no fewer than 10 different paris hilton amateur porn tapes have surfaced
as many people as Paris Hilton has been with sexually I think using the term "intimate" is hardly appropriate when talking about her sex life.

angelina jolie discusses sex, self-mutilation in abc news interview
I wouldn't want to sleep with her. I'd be afraid she might get carried away and shit on me or something.
Lisa Marie Likes Rough Sex. Mike Didn't.
Lisa Marie Presley has never been shy about stating the obvious.
Why Elvis' Is The Shit
There is another reason Elvis was the shit…one that often goes over looked. He wasn't gay. Hear me out.
Oversexed Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets A handful Of British Talk Hosts!
Any actor who excels at playing barbarians and robots and has trouble understanding English is not the kind of guy that I want to have to tell to get his hands off my ass.
Whitney Houston: Can't Sing at the Oscars, Sore Throat or Coke Addiction?
I Always Wanted To Know Why She Married Bobby Brown. Now I guess I Know.
woman says phil spector forced her to give blow job at gun point
Kane says she's making her allegations now because "I want justice done." If a man made me suck a dick at gun point I would be mad too.
chloe sevigny gives real blow job in her “brown bunny” sex scene
No woman in human history has ever lost male interest because she loved to swallow his babies.
janet jackson 's titty: “ a mark of evil upon the american people”
We are in a war. I agree with this guy, but unlike him I believe in letting God be God and if there is a God, God willing, I am hoping that people like this guy will see someone's titty fall out of someone's blouse at church and they just stroke out and die.
jordan stars in hardcore preggo porn video
The tape consists of four minutes of scenes in which Jordan gives him a blow job before moving into a bedroom to have full intercourse with him.
Ric Flair Boards Airplane in nothing but his wrestling robe
And as if wrestling isn’t inherently gay enough, why are you boarding a plane wearing nothing but your boots and a jeweled cape?
Oh yeah I forgot.
Kill Bill 2. Sorry, I didn’t see you in it
Michael Jai White is not in Kill Bill 2. At least he isn’t in the one that I saw on Friday night. I think the last time a black dude was in a Kung Fu movie Jim Kelly was starring in it.
Commonsense decency standards vs Howard Stern
He is possibly the worst spokesman for the first amendment that you could possibly have trying to draw attention to the cause.