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The mummified remains of Ramses II are located in the Mummy Room at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.Anthropology is interesting. Archeology is sifting through people’s junk. I am sure you can learn a lot about someone from sifting through their garbage. And let me just say for the record that it might not have been garbage at the time when they buried it but anything that is 2,500 years old is garbage now.
Just walk around in an art museum and you see statues missing arms and heads, tables missing legs, pottery broken all to hell. Sure it is cool that we have these ancient things to look at but if the person who originally owned these objects saw them in the flawed condition they are in now they would have tossed them in the garbage. No one in ancient Greece had a statue of Apollo in front of their house that was missing a head or an arm.
Many people have many different reasons for looking to archeology; the most common reason is to justify their beliefs. Jesus Freaks want to find Noah’s Ark so that they can show that the myths in the Bible are in fact, factual. I have news for you, most myths are rooted in fact. Now how much fact, that is the part that creates the “us” and “them”. But it’s not just the Jesus Freaks that want to justify themselves through Archeology, almost everyone that feels they have a stake in the past wants to have his winning numbers come up in the Archeology lottery. The Edgar Casey people want to find a postcard from Atlantis hidden in a basket in a Peruvian pyramid. African Americans want to find pictures of people with black faces on everything they find of any anthropological significance to mankind to counter 500 years of white people saying that Africans have contributed nothing of note to human civilization. There are a lot of things at stake when these scientists start digging around in old people’s junk. One picture of a nappy headed “Chinese” Emperor or a piece of petrified wood in a mountain top could be all the difference for a whole lot of people that hunger to have their world view legitimized.
Commercial Satellite joins search for Noah's Ark
What's next on the list the rainbow bridge to Asguard?
Lost City' FOUND Under Caribbean. Religion prepares for knockout punch
Can't you just hear the little patter of religious scholars feet rushing to reinterpret something explain a civilization that they have never accounted for?
DNA Tests Hope To reveal The True Identity of Tutankhamun
Apparently, we don't know as much as you would think is known about Tutankhamun... like whether or not he was a man or a woman.
Images of Massive Pyramidal Shapes 2,000 Feet Below Surface Fuel Scientific Speculation
How were they supposed to know what the Sphinx was? To them I'm sure it wasn't anything more than a solid stone statue of a lion with over exaggerated big ass Negro lips.
Vatican To Change Bible To Reflect Information Found In Dead Sea Scrolls
"...if they found evidence tomorrow that Jesus was a quadriplegic, and that his disciples used to wheel his ass around in a wheelbarrow, they would simply dismiss it as being blasphemous, as opposed to just saying, "Damn, ain't that a bitch. We always just assumed he could walk."  
russians claim to have found noah 's ark
Right now only about 6 feet of it is sticking up above the ground. Jesus freaks are hopeful that the rest of it is still underground.
Actually, they are really hoping that this isn't just a mound of dirt.
King Cambyses Long-Lost Army; Unraveling A 2,500-Year Persian Riddle
Back in biblical times to the casual observer shit would seem to just jump off without a moments notice. Meteorites came down from the sky and hit with no warning. Wait a second that was a bad example, they still do.
Mythological garbage
And people are looking for Noah’s ark? How can you miss it? It didn’t come to rest anywhere. That monstrosity never left the ground. It is exactly wherever Noah built that sumofvabitch.
Art Dealer Busted With Stolen Ancient Egyptian Tablet
He wanted a mummified pharaoh head but he settled on the tablet
same difference