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Now that my fiancé and I have broken up and I am a single man again I can do something like this without guilt. I would like to introduce you to a new monthly feature, the "I'd Hit List".
This is different from your typical "most beautiful girl" list because this is a list of girls that I think are attractive but I can see how someone might not.
In other words, you might not like her, but "I'd still hit it".
Each girl on the list has the
reason I would directly above the reasons that you might not.
Ok, now that you know the are February's choices.
Angelina Jolie
Reason I would: Face. Body. Tomb Raider.
Reason you might not: This bitch attacked guys with knives in High School.

I know what you might be thinking, "Isn't Angelina Jolie on like everyone's most beautiful girls in the world list?"
She was on mine too before I found out that she like to cut motherfuckers with knives during sex.
"I got knives out and had a night where we attacked each other ... it felt so primitive and it felt so honest ... and then I had to deal with, you know, not telling my mother, hiding things, wearing gauze bandages to high school ," she said.
Robin from the Real World San Diego

Reason I would: Big tits. Nice Complexion. Cute face
Reason you might not: Not everybody might be into the whole slave/master role play thing she has going on.

Yeah I know she called that one guy a "nigga" on the show but I'd still fuck her. Personally I kinda get into that slave/master role play least I would with her.

Robin leads me by the hand through a back door at the main barn on the plantation where we's keep da horses.

Me: (looking around nervously) 'member you promise not to tell massa ' about dis? Massa gon' sho nuff beat the black offva me if he finds me here wit chu like dis?
Robin : (unfastening the belt around her waist) You keep eating my pussy like I taught you Eightz and you won't have to worry about Massa nor that whip lickin' your back.
Me: But what about mah wife, and mah kids back over yonder? Dis here is ain't right Ms. Robin . Dis here is disrespectful to mah proud, beautiful, African queen back at that dirt floored raggedy tin roof shack Massa has me livin' in.
Robin : Are you telling me that you think Hattie McDaniel's got better tits than me? (tearing open her blouse and flashing her huge tits to me)
Me: (looking at those tits with big ass Stephin Fetchit eyes)
Hells naw Ms. Robin is you crazy?
Robin : (she hikes up her skirt and sits down on a bushel of hay) So then quit your yappin' Eightz before you get that tongue and lips all tired out.

Thora Birch, Ghost World

Reason I would: Big tits. A little weight in all the right places. Ghost World.
Reason you might not: You're into stick figures.

I have been into Thora Birch since I found out there was this deleted scene in that film where she fucked the kid from the quickie mart. If any of you have that scene please send it my way. I would really like to check it out. And damn the bastard that didn't include it on the Ghost World DVD.

Laila Ali
Reason I would: Hands down one of the most beautiful professional athletes in the world.
Reason you might not: She can kick your ass.

You know it, I know it and most importantly she knows it. That is why this could potentially be a serious problem. When I get into a heated argument with my girl I have no fear whatsoever that she would get physical with me. However with Lalia, there is a definite possibility that if shit got out of hand she might start establishing the jab on your face in the middle of the living room and maybe taking a few left hooks it to the body. There is something that just isn't cool about being with a woman that you KNOW can kick your ass.
Natalie Portman

Reason I would: She is beautiful. Plain and simple. Face. She has one of the most beautiful faces on an actress that you will ever have the pleasure of seeing. Even as white trash she was gorgeous (See "Where the heart is")

Reason you might not: Although she is beautiful she is the quintessential example of how being beautiful isn't always the same as being sexy.
Undeniable fact: (Sorry Spatch) She has the body of a little boy. When she was a little girl playing in all of those borderline pedophilic roles as the object of desire for horny old men everyone used to say that she is going to be a knockout one day when she grows up and develops into a woman. Well unfortunately we are still waiting. Her body hasn't changed since she played 12-year-old Mathilda in " Leon ".

same difference
angelina jolie discusses sex, self-mutilation in abc news interview
I wouldn't want to sleep with her. I'd be afraid she might get carried away and shit on me or something.

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