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28 Days Later

This section shouldn't be called "Shit I like" if I didn't mention this one. 28 Days Later was one of the most entertaining horror films I have seen since "The Ring".

It was like "12 Monkeys" meets "Night of the Living Dead". This film was made by the same guy (Danny Boyle) that made "Trainspotting" which is a film I own but can't bring myself to watch because it is so disturbing at points. Well this guy must have my number because 28 days has moments where it accomplishes the same thing.

I am getting all my friends together that haven't seen this film on Sunday for a 28 days later field trip. We are going to go see it and then talk about it. I swear, the conversations after the film are almost better than the movie. Go see "28 Days Later" and don't be late. You don't want to miss the scene in the church!


Dude. I got half way through this movie and had to take a break. As in, I had to get up and do something else. This movie has no replay value.
That is, unless you are a masochist.
But don't take the fact that it hasn't any replay value to mean that it isn't a great film, because it is. It's just that it is so well done, if you want to call it that, in how it brings you face to face with things that you wish you'd never seen, that once it's over you realize that you have seen enough.
Actually you realize that you have seen enough about 40 minutes into it.
There is nothing I can say to you that can prepare you for what this film will do to you.
Even if I told you the plot it wouldn't do it justice.
So I say just push it in the DVD, make sure to turn on the English subtitles and prepare to be very uncomfortable for the next few hours..if not days.

same difference

chloe sevigny gives real blow job in her “brown bunny” sex scene
No woman in human history has ever lost male interest because she loved to swallow his babies.

The Eminem vs. Benzino Feud
If you haven't heard of Ray Benzino don't feel bad. You aren't alone.

star wars kid's parents file lawsuit against kids that showed no remorse
If he would've just laughed it off, accepted that he had Lou he could be doing his little Jedi broomstick bit on a Nickelodeon commercial right now and getting paid for it.

Bush Purposely kept in the dark regarding IRAQ War
That’s right, Bush has decided that he doesn’t want to hear anything negative about Iraq.

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