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Stray Bullets, David Lapham

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite comics of all time. Stray Bullets by David Lapham . David Lapham is one of the jewels of the industry whose talent for creating characters and arresting crime genre storylines makes Stray Bullets a must read. Each issue is a self-contained story with characters that reappear throughout story lines.

Stray Bullets is what is good about comics.

I liken people's perception of the comic industry to how the non-boxing fan perceives professional boxing. To the non-boxing fan, boxing itself is carried by the popularity of its high priced, high profile heavy weight fighters, when the most entertaining and athletic fighters are 80-100 pounds lighter than heavyweights. Likewise, to the non-comic fan comics are all Superman, Batman and X-men when often times the most talented writers and artists in the comic field are not working in the superhero genre.

If more people knew that comics like Stray Bullets existed I believe the non-comic fan would have more of an appreciation of the incredible potential the comic book has as a story and art form.

Stray Bullets would serve well as a standard.

Here are links to the collections if you'd like to try them.
Stray Bullets 1
Stray Bullets 2
Stray Bullets 3
Stray Bullets 4
Stray Bullets 5
Stray Bullets 6
Stray Bullets 7

Love and Rockets, Los Bros. Hernandes
Love and Rockets is the greatest comic ever written.
Los Brothers Hernandez (Jaime and Gilbert) are the creators of Love and Rockets and all of their offshoots.
Carter Scholz once wrote that "the whole art of comics is to create with minimal means a habitable world."
Well if that is the case these are the masters.
Love and Rockets consist of over 900 pages of interconnected stories, featuring over 180 characters.
It has been said that "the Hernandezes have come as close as anyone to actually imbuing a comic with the density and complexity of a novel."
That couldn't be a truer statement.
There is sophistication in their writing that very few in the industry can match. The way the book is illustrated and the way it is written they don't even bother to clue you in that you are reading a flashback.
And they don't need to.
The characters that they draw look different, they age, they gain weight, they lose weight, they get hair cuts.
Everything happens to these characters that happen to us in the real world.
Most of us don't look the same way we did 10 years ago and neither do their characters.
That is just how much texture they put into the world that they have created with Love and Rockets.

I would list the books here but there are too many to link - sorry

same difference

Professor uses Comic Books Used to Teach Physics
My understanding of science as it stands is so limited the only reason I can give as to why 30 story monsters don't crawl out of the pacific and kick Tokyo to pieces is because if they could they would've done it by now.

comic book science proves again to be applicable
Although you still won't be able to drive a car you will be able to avenge the death of your ninja girlfriend assuming you have the proper costume knowledge in Kung Fu.

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