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Devo!1979-1987 Those years are the 1980s to me. They began in the summer of 1979 and they ended in the fall of 1987 when I started high school. So far in my life there hasn't been any single period of time in my life that has been more influential in my life than those years.

These were the years when I took over the radio dial. I didn't have to go to whatever movie they wanted to see I could walk down to the University family housing, catch the University of Michigan commuter bus and go see whatever movies I wanted. I was still into cartoons but by 1981 I already preferred the ones with the naked chicks in them.

Prince Music
Apollonia Kotero
Electrifying Mojo
my essential 80s music list
Prince Music

Prince is simply the most talented singer/songwriter/musician/performer that has ever lived.
Period. At times it is truly unnerving how much of incredible talent he is.
No singer/songwriter/musician in my lifetime has been more prolific, nor has consistently produced music on the level that Prince has. He has written more hits for other people than most artist have written for themselves.
Manic Monday - The Bangles
Nothing Compares to U - Sinade O'Connor
Sugar Walls - Sheena Easton
The Glamorous Life - Sheila E.
Sex Shooter - Apollonia Six

If there is one knock against Prince it is that he is so much of an artist that he doesn't like to repeat himself. So he is always moving in a different direction. Half of the time I can't even appreciate what he is doing musically until years after the fact.
So I consistently stay about three albums behind where he is now.
People always want me to put together an essential Prince album together for them, but as all Prince fans can't be done. There is no way you can reduce his body of work down to 15 essential tracks.
The idea itself is laughable.
You couldn't even reduce his slow jams down to 15 tracks. I challenge you to try.
The final reason Prince is the shit, but by no means the least, is that it doesn't hurt that we have the same taste in women. He is the only person I know that he could order a woman off the menu and I could say with all confidence when it was my turn to order, "I'll have whatever he's having".

Apollonia Kotero
At the center of every universe is a black hole.
And that swirling effect you associate with a universe is everything in the universe swirling within the gravitational pull of this nearly inconceivably massive black hole.
Apollonia Kotero (yeah the one from Purple Rain) is the definition of beautiful to me.
Now I am not talking about just her in particular but her "type" so to speak.
Looking back on my adolescence I can see now that every girl that I have ever dated has been judged by me as beautiful or not based on how she measured up to Apollonia Kotero.
No wonder I am single.
the electrifying mojo
...That's when I discovered the Electrifying Mojo.
I thought I had discovered something entirely my own but my father shot that down real quick when he told me that he had listened to Mojo too while he was in college.
He claimed that had even met him once.
Charles Johnson? Who the hell is Charles Johnson?
He had to have been mistaken.
Mojo isn't his real name?
Why would his mother name him Charles Johnson?
He's from space.
Mojo flew into Detroit every night on a spaceship. He didn't hang around Ypsilanti having coffee at some local Diner.
Mojo had this shtick where he started off his show like his spaceship which he called the "Mother ship" was landing in Detroit; he would describe what he could see as his spacecraft was descending upon the city.
As his ship descended he would say, "Hello Detroit," then he would gradually get more specific, "I see Pam over at Belle Isle, Hello Pam ", or he would comment on how he could see the planes coming in at Metro Airport or a maybe traffic jam down on I-94.
It was so fucking cool you just have no idea.
And once he was on.
Mojo wasn't your normal DJ.
And I fear that many of you out there will have a difficult time understanding how special he was. So I am going to have to ask you to trust me.
First of all, every single kid I knew that was my age and older listened to the Electrifying Mojo.
So every morning on the way to school there was a common experience between us. My generation shared a lot of moments like that where we were all doing the same thing at the same time.
We all watched GI Joe and Transformers. We all watched Star Wars in the theater. We all listened to the "Thriller" album.
We all listened faithfully to the Electrifying Mojo.
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My top 10 most 80s songs

1) Love is a battlefield - Pat Benatar
2) Moments in Love (Piano version) Art of Noise
3) Cosmic Cars (single version) Cybotron
4) B-52's, The - Mesopotamia
5) Devo - Speed Racer
6) Romantics, The - Talking In Your Sleep
7) Romeo Void - Never Say Never
8) Yes - Owner of a lonely Heart
9) Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
10) Shannon - Let The Music Play

Honorable Mention
Tainted Love - Soft Cell
Rock the Casbah - Clash, The
Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
Irresistible Bitch - Prince
Human League - Don't You Want Me

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