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shit i like

This is the section of the site called shit I like.
This is where I give reviews of the things that I enjoy.
I don't professed to be a critic of any kind. I am just a guy who is sharing with you what I like and telling you why I like it.
The closets I ever came to music or art appreciation was a 100 level course in college.
I know what I like. I want to share it with you when I come across it.
I only talk about the things I like for two reasons.
First and foremost, I only talk about the things I like because anybody can sit there and put things down.
Where is the fun in that?
The second reason is because this is what I do with my friends.
I don't come up to them and recommend a DVD because I thought it sucked.
I bring to their attention things that I think are worth spending their time watching, reading or listening to.
So that is what I am doing here. Nothing more nothing less.
So without further adue...

required - need it if you are a fan
essential - important to the collection
fundamental - basics
indispensable - can't live without, period.

Here are the categories.

comic books - These are the comics that I currently read when I have the time. The artists and writers that create them.
1979-1987 - this section is dedicated to the things that I loved growing up and that still hold a special place in my heart. As far as I am concerned the 80s began in 1979 and ended in 1987.

Warning: The things I talk about in the 1979-1987 section are very dear to me because of their very high nostalgia factor. I am fully aware that "The Warriors" might not stand up to the test of time too well but it will always be a classic to me because I was there when it came out. I was the one sneaking downstairs at 2 am to watch it on the Movie Channel when I was supposed to have been asleep. So since I risked getting my ass laminated by my father to sneak pass his bedroom to watch that film I think I have earned the right to include it here.
highly recommended
The Ring" Death-by-videotape
It is refreshing to see a horror film that doesn't expect computer graphics and a knife wielding psychopath with a British accent to carry you through 1:55 minutes of drudgery with no pay off.