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I should be able to pledge my allegiance to this country without accepting that I am the unwitting servant of some jealous and vengeful unseen paranormal entity from dimension X that smiles approvingly over our humble land
I haven't heard anything this wack since Herod tried to kill Jesus.
I will always go with the guy that is unaware that something is impossible. You'd be surprised. A tard might just hold his breath underwater for 15 mins for a yo-yo.
Grandma or not, any abnormal increase in what I expect to be normal level of paranormal activity in my life and I am calling Ghostbusters. What happens to grandma after that, she brought upon herself.
In America to protest police brutality we riot -In Asia to protest police brutality they probably just organize a mass drowning
Africa, for far too many African American, is a under developed place behind the back of God where we were sold into slavery by some greedy fat ass tribal chief.
They have this cultural belief there that eating your fallen enemies gives you power. No, what it gives you is prion disease.
He cried the whole time asking them whether or not they were going to kill him. Of course they are going to kill you. What do you think they are going to do send you back home with no lips, no asshole and no eyes? Don't be silly.
You always hear about "Africans kill witch suspected of killing 700 people". And most of the time none of them are armed with anything more dangerous than a stick. Why the fuck do you think you can take on a witch that you think actually killed 700 people with a stick?
I haven't heard of anything that Lou since--- Cobra commander thought he could get Destro's mass device to work with just some heavy water, a meteorite, and handful of radioactive crystals.
evidently they want you to believe that NASA was so scientifically incompetent regarding the moon that they had a wind machine installed so that it could blow the American flag around for dramatic effect
Drug dealers never have problems moving product. Food will rot on store shelves before drugs will get old. The only reason weed gets old and useless is if someone forgets where they hid it.
Apparently the Nazi's weren't too pleased with having to deal with Captain America who was known amongst the Nazi to be very generous when administering judo chops while jumping out of moving vehicles.
If an ancient Egyptian would've written "The Exorcist" when the devil possessed little Regan MacNeil she would've ballooned to about 800 pounds, grew about 3 28 inch teeth in her head and would've eaten about up to 100 pounds of vegetation a night
The Nazi's had Jews and America had Negroes.


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