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I feel I have a joyride coming to me in an alien mother ship being held up because some punk ass heartbroken Bangladeshi can't cope with being rejected by a chick.
Why would creationsist have such a hard time believing that life was created from "non-living matter"? They already do. What the fuck is dirt?.
If I am a betting man, my money is on the fact that the only sexual positions that Kid Rock hasn't had his way with Pam in are the ones that are either physically impossible to perform or are limited to amputees and circus freaks.
I could never be an exorcist by profession because what the fuck is stopping it from deciding to just follow me home?
Critical thinking is an exercise in identifying and weighing the gravity of the subtleties of any particular subject. Unfortunately, conservatives want no part of that.
Alcoholics Anonymous is to Jesus Freaks what still water is to mosquitos.
Hero logic is why some people were running towards the World Trade Center while some people were glad that they had the day off.
It kills me how native logic can so confidently connect things like shark attacks and rhino goring to witchcraft and black magic.
The great thing about saying that the game is cheating or the controller is broke is that the more you say it, the easier it is to believe it.
My understanding of science is so limited, the only reason I can give as to why 30 story monsters don't crawl out of the Pacific and kick Tokyo to pieces is because if they could, they would've done it by now.
In case you didn't know beatification is when a dead person is publicly declared to be in heaven by the church. Like they have someone in the Vatican that is going to open a door and take a look.
The modern day interpretation of Islam has become so immeshed with various political agendas that the religion itself and these political aims are virtually inseparable.
Please. Are you serious? How could it not? Shit not only with this affect the rest of his life --- fuck it will define his life.
-on kid who stole a credit card to buy a penis enlarger
If India was a person, it would have lupus.
That was exactly what happened when God sent that Asteroid at the Earth that killed off the dinosaurs. It was to clear the way for the little monkeys he created in his image to rule the world. 

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