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The Archbishop of Calcutta, Henry Sebastian D'Souza, told Reuters he felt the devil might have been attacking Mother Teresa, as ``evil'' tends to attack ``holy people.''
Sucks being holy.

There isn't anyone on earth more envious than a man who knows that 1500 people are fucking in a lobby down the street and he isn't invited.
Spanking my child when he or she is four will save Karma from having to do it when they are 49.
This was just like what happened to Abraham except this time apparently, God forgot to say “Sike”.
Far too often, fundamentalists are just addicts that just switched addictions.
When you side with someone, you inherit their enemies.
Trailer trash is about as American as apple pie, but it is awful difficult to find a way to be patriotic about it.
Unless you are the fucking Highlander, what is the point in learning how to fight with a sword?
I don't fuck around with people that hit people with cast-iron skillets.
Idiots were put here to make us feel better about ourselves.
I know I have said this before but obviously people aren't listening.
When you buy repossessed houses off of public auctions, there will always be corpses in them.

One in 10 people said that they never had sex. We know who you are.
I want to hear the stories on CNN of how we hung a few al-Qaida by their balls from soccer goals until they become Hindus. Got any yet?
Bin Laden wouldn't be caught dead with dynamite strapped to his chest in the middle of a flea market. That is what he has you for.
Every spiritual leader worth a damn was considered a blasphemous, no good, lying heretic before he made it big.

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