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Men Tour with Two-Headed Calf Corpse Trying to raise money for a shrine.
Taking money from religious people is like beating retards at checkers.
Prison guards forced to resign after pissing on inmates
Unfortunately, very few people that aspire to be police officers also wanted to be Captain America when they were kids.
Man dies after corn stalk pierces artery. Karma is suspected.
Is Karma one of God's lieutenants or just one of God's mood swings?
Shark Attack Victim's Wife Says Lifeguards Wouldn't Help
When you are in a battle to the death with a bull shark, you are on your own. That should go without saying.
MAN 'catapulted metal balls at noisy trains' In His Three Year War
His enemy:15 ton solid steel locomotives.
His weapon of choice: those tiny little metal balls that they use in arcade pinball machines.
His claim to fame: Being personally responsible for approximately 2,100 dents in train carriages over the past three years.
His sanity: Clearly in question.
I don't want to find out that I am really a GoBot when I have been thinking this whole time that I am a Transformer.
And if I am really being stubborn, God knows that He can always send Karma. He knows where to find me. Lord knows He has before.
Although I don't feel possessed, I have noticed that my cats shit on the floor a lot more often now for some reason. Dammit. How could I have been so stupid?
After these Russian doctors grew this guy a new penis on his arm, it got me thinking: Where do we stand with this cloning gig? Are we just giving up on that altogether?
What the hell can be inadmissible about a videotape showing you fucking a child in the ass?
You either suck cock or you don't. Those are your choices. There are no gray areas. I don't make the rules.
Well, don't say it. You'll only frustrate me and make me lose my point. Like I just did.
I loved how this article just tried to pass "horns growing out of a woman's head" in matter of fact speech like this shit is normal anywhere else but India.
When we protest something here in America, we want to actually be around to enjoy the change.
I don't care if you are in a synagogue, a mosque, or a church; never trust a man who can only understand the world when it is packaged to him with the complexity of a comic book no matter how good his intentions.

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