POLL ME                                                                              WRITTEN BY NKRUMAH STEWARD
Previous Poll Questions On 8BM
  1. Are you still a virgin if you have only had anal or oral sex?
  2. If true artificial intelligence could be achieved would unplugging the machine constitute murder?
  3. If there is a soul do you think science will eventually find evidence of it?
  4. If life as we know it is being threatened by an inescapable natural catastrophe is government obligated to warn us?
  5. If you had to spend the rest of your life doing the same thing over and over what would it be
  6. Would you convict someone of murder if you were convinced that they believed that God had instructed them to kill.
  7. Which natural disaster will you see in your lifetime?
  8. If you had to save one of these unrepentant persons from certain death which would it be?
  9. If giving up one of these freedoms could ensure your safety which one would you relinquish?
  10. who has the most questionable character?
  11. Which one of these people would you choose as a life-time monogamous partner
  12. In order to rid yourself of a deadly curse would you rather sleep with someone you find sexually repulsive or have your mate sleep with someone you despise?
  13. You're sealed off in a 10 x 10 room, no windows, no way in or out for 45 days, no communication with the outside world but all the food and water and oxygen you will need. Would you rather have...
  14. If the world was the opposite and homosexuality was the norm, with heterosexuality being the deviant behavior, believed by the church, politicians and the general consensus of society to be unnatural would you…
  15. If you have to live in one of these homes, which would you prefer?
  16. Which would be more disturbing, finding out that the most explicit underground hardcore XXX film you’ve ever seen, complete with midgets, circus clowns and Mexican donkeys also stars…
  17. Which one of God's deeds was the most unjust?
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