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Which one of God's deeds was the most unjust?
Killing all the first born children in Egypt, 25.5%
Making Abraham think he had to kill his only son, 15.3%
Allowing the devil to kill off Job's wife and kids for a bet 33.7% (8bm.com readers choice)
Forcing Adam and Eve's children to commit incest to populate the earth, 25.5%
I can’t get my mind around the idea that God would make a bet with the devil. Generally speaking, people make bets because they can’t agree on the outcome of a particularly event that hasn’t happened yet. God is omnipotent. He knows everything. Why wasn’t that good enough for Satan? God told Satan that Job wouldn’t curse him even if he let Satan take everything he has away from him. God should know right? Well apparently that wasn’t good enough for Satan, which is neither here nor there, he doesn’t have to believe God, but why would God make a bet with Satan to prove he was right? That is the bizarre part to me. You know you’re right. Why is it so important that you prove it to Satan?
So they make a bet that Job wouldn’t curse God even if he lost everything. So with God’s permission Satan was allowed to go to town on him. Satan killed his wife and kids. Satan gave him herpes, the clap, killed off all of his livestock. Satan even had the bank foreclose on his home.
Job, the man who had an unfailing faith in God was reduced to a street beggar with nasty herpes all over his body.
And for what?
So God could prove he was right, and to Satan no less? Job lost everything essentially because God wanted to make a point to the devil.
But hey, no harm no foul right? God gave Job everything back. Well not exactly. He gave him back a NEW wife and NEW kids and a NEW home. But what about the original ones? Well giving them back could be a problem since they were DEAD.
Well it shouldn’t have been a problem for God since he can do anything he wants but, what would the neighbors think?
Talking about giving up your life for nothing. This is the very definition of a pointless death if you ask me.
Why did his wife and kids die again?
Oh yeah, because God made a bet with the devil.
Then, as if it couldn’t get even more perverted, what exactly were they wagering?
I mean, what did Satan win if he won the bet and Job did end up cursing him?
What was on the line?
Jack shit. That’s right. They weren’t betting on who gets to rule the world or who gets 72 virgins.
They ruined Job’s life for bragging rights.
Ain’t that a bitch?
This was God’s most unjust act if you ask me. Maybe not by far, since killing all the first born children in Egypt was pretty fucked up too, but I think this has to take the prize.
same difference

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