poll me                                                                              written BY NKrumah Steward
If you had to save one of these unrepentant persons from certain death which would it be?
A serial pedophile
A sadistic serial rapist
An irresponsible HIV positive person (8bm.com readers choice)
A serial killer
A fascist leader responsible for genocide

If I had to save one of these I am going to save the fascist leader responsible for genocide because he is the only one that isn’t personally responsible for killing people or harming people. He might be giving the orders but the individuals following those orders are the ones that are responsible for the genocide. You can advocate something all you want but ultimately it is that person’s choice to follow those orders or not.
I will never give someone an out by saying that they were just following orders. Sure in the military you are trained to follow orders and following orders and not thinking about what you are told and just doing it can help you stay alive, but it can also get you killed.
But whether or not it keeps you alive or gets you killed does not absolve you of the responsibility for your actions.
I blame the men in the streets of Rwanda who were actually chopping Hutus into pieces on the streets with machetes much more than the guy on the radio calling for them to do it.
The pedophile although not killing his victims are giving them a lifetime of suffering, which to me is worse than killing.
The sadistic serial rapist, just forget about it. Not even an option.
The irresponsible HIV positive person, I can’t spare him because he/she is intentionally killing people by spreading HIV and he doesn’t give a damn so neither do I.
The serial killer, I can’t do it.
So my only choice is the fascist leader responsible for genocide on the technicality that he isn’t actually pulling the trigger, slicing the throats, pushing the button on the ovens or putting his poisonous dick in some unsuspecting woman or dude.
It still doesn’t mean that after I save him that I wouldn’t push him down a flight of stairs, backwards.

same difference

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