poll me                                                                              written BY NKrumah Steward

Would you convict someone of murder if you were convinced that they believed that God had instructed them to kill.

No, I wouldn't. you have to obey God
Yes I would, obviously they are sick (8bm.com readers choice)
No, I wouldn't.
Not murder.
Not if I believe that they actually believed that God told them to do it. Hell, you can’t say no to God right? Who am I to say that God didn’t tell them to kill that person? It’s not like we can ask God ourselves. Some things you just have to take someone at their word. Plus, its not like it would be the first time that God played a hand at killing someone.
God told al-Qaeda to fly planes into the World Trade Center. God killed all the first born children in Egypt, and he couldn’t care less that these children had absolutely nothing to do with Pharaoh and his negotiations with the labor union. God seems to believe in the persuasiveness of collateral damage.
Now with that said, I can’t have people walking around the streets killing people because God is too lazy to toss lighting bolts down from the mountain like he did in the good ole’ days, so I am going to convict you of something. I’m just not going to send you to jail for murder if you thought you were being chosen to do God’s will.
same difference

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