poll me                                                                              written BY NKrumah Steward

If life as we know it is being threatened by an inescapable natural catastrophe is government obligated to warn us?

yes definitely, I have a right to know (8bm.com readers choice)
it would be nice if they leveled with us for once
no, total societal collapse is a bad thing
no, leave me blissfully ignorant
if it's inescapable what's the point?
I know I sound like a defeatist but, if it’s inescapable what’s the point, total societal collapse is a bad thing so leave us blissfully ignorant.
I believe that you shouldn’t put off for tomorrow what you could do today. So to all of you people who live your lives wishing that you would say this or that to people to patch things up or to sooth hurt feelings but you always seem to find something better to do, then tough shit.
The asteroid is going to hit and you can spend the next few months freezing to death wishing you would’ve called your mom more often.
Strictly from a stress standpoint, it would be more stressful for me personally to live the next six months knowing that an asteroid the size of a mountain was going to hit the earth and wipe all life out on the planet over the course of the next 36 months than to just let it hit and just cross that bridge when we get there.
Plus, you know people would go on the flippin nut running around stealing, raping, looting, stockpiling weapons and food up until the very last minute that the asteroid hit.
Then they would all be standing outside with their camcorders trying to record the explosion so that they can sell the footage to the local news on the chance that civilization isn’t tossed back into the stone age.
And for what? What would be the point?
All cans of food and medicine would be good for would be to postpone the inevitable.
See, total societal collapse is difficult even for the hardcore survivalist to even swallow.
He stockpiles all of these bullets like he won’t eventually run out. And when he does, he figures he will be able to just run down to the local gun shop and order some more.
A true survivalist churns butter and makes his own shoes. He doesn’t wear camouflage and carry a GPS in his canteen.
same difference

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