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If there is a soul do you think science will eventually find evidence of it?

maybe (8bm.com readers choice)
maybe not
absolutely not
I believe that all “miracles” have a commonsensical explanation to them, it’s just that we don’t know what they are, yet. I believe that if there is a soul, which I believe that there is, science will one day find evidence of it. I have no doubt of it.
And when they do find evidence of this conscious energy that doesn’t expire with the death of the physical body, people are going to shit their pants when suddenly all of those ghost stories and hauntings that they have heard about over the years will make goose bumps run down their spine.
I believe that science will eventually find an explanation for everything we will ever want to know.
The key word there is "eventually".
Seeing that 95% of all of the scientist that have ever walked the earth have lived in the past 200 years, I believe we are in the very earliest beginnings of scientific discovery, and look how fast we have come already.
In the future the question won’t be whether or not we can do this or that, it will be whether we ought to do this or that. The more important questions of the 21 century will be ethical and moral questions as opposed to technical questions.
same difference

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