As this site has developed and grown over the years certain concepts have matured beyond inside jokes and phraseology and into truths that we hold self-evident.

This is where we've attempted to comprise a word book of terms and concepts that we consistently pull from here at to illustrate our world view. This glossary is not intended to be a substitute for a real dictionary, but it does hold up surprisingly well as the word of God, if you were ever so inclined to use it as such.

What we are trying to achieve in this section of the site is to intentionally deny those of you that take yourselves far too seriously of an excuse whatsoever for e-mailing us your hate filled rants because you are appalled at our lack of impartiality. We have made it as easy as following a hyperlink like this within the context of the article to find out how we really feel about something.

Since is news commentary, not news, the later would limit us to strictly laying out the facts as they were reported, we are able to liter every article to our hearts content with as much sarcasm, cynicism and obscure (but not always) references to pop culture, world events and even related themes within the site to get our points across.

Once again, this is not meant to be the "be all end all" but just to give you a starting point for some of you too dense to pick up what we are talking about without a little help.
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Exorcist Leads Hunt For 'Entrail-Eating Ghosts'
Cremation? If I'm not mistaken when you go to hell don't you burn forever in a lake of fire and brimstone? Then isn't "evil" being at least somewhat fire retardate implied?