Asian Drama

In America, to protest police brutality we riot. Anywhere in Asia they'd be just as likely to protest police brutality by organizing a mass drowning.

Acid Attacks

A common practice in Pakistan and Bangladesh particularly in rural and deeply conservative tribal regions where if there was any doubt that a woman has no value whatsoever in the eyes of Allah this clears it right up for ya.


The desire to cannibalize their sexual partner. One of the four sexual perversions that should get you shot on sight. (see Necrophilia, Pederasty, and Piqurer)

same difference

doctor arrested for selling mental patients as wives
There are 70 million men in China unable to find wives because China is 70 million women short.

Bangladesh Acid Attacks Soar. UFO Sightings Decline Sharply.
I can't help but feel like I have a joyride coming to me in an alien mother ship being held up because some punk ass heartbroken Bangladeshi can't cope with being rejected by a chick.

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