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Napoleon's hemorrhoids contributed to his defeat at Waterloo.

Fact: Napoleon's hemorrhoids contributed to his defeat at Waterloo. Apparently his piles prevented him from surveying the battlefield on horseback.

What I took from this
: I use to wonder why government documents that concern national security are by law not made available to the general public for like 100 years.

I don't wonder now.

They want to make sure that they are long dead before it becomes common knowledge to the whole world that they lost a war due to their poor diet and horrible toilet habits.

Fact: Evelyn Marie Adams won the New Jersey lottery twice in a four month period during 1985-86. The odds of someone winning a lottery twice in four months, is about one in 17 trillion.

In general, people would tend to call anything that has a 1 in 17 trillion chance of happening, if it does in fact happen, a "miracle" or an "act of God". If something qualifies as an "act of God" because it happens despite astronomical odds would the Pope being clipped by a falling meteorite during the middle of an exorcism be considered a miracle? I mean, the odds of that happening are one in 10 trillion? Or are those 7 trillion give or take a few really that significant?

What I took from this
: "Reality" is inescapably perspectival and despite what Nietzsche says, it is fatal to it.

Catherine II of Russia kept her wigmaker in an iron cage in her bedroom for more than three years.

What I took from this: Still don't believe in reincarnation? I don't need a deck of Taro cards and a fake Jamaican accent to tell Leona Helmsley who she was in a past life.

In the spring of 2000, it was reported that a 25-year-old Tehran transsexual, who had just undergone extensive surgery to become a woman, said he wanted to change back to a man after realizing just how poorly women are treated in Iran.

What I took from this: Some people walk a mile in another men's shoes. Generally speaking those are the ones with the most regrets in life.

Fact: South Africa ordered 100,000 nonwhite people to leave their homes within one year to make room for whites on August 25, 1956.

What I took from this: I always wondered why Nelson Mandela isn't considered a terrorist but Yasser Arafat is. Now I know. Nelson Mandela won.

same difference
Peter the Great had his wife's lover executed and his head put into a jar of alcohol. He forced her to keep it in her bedroom.
A man's cock doesn't just have a brain of it's own it also has perfected the ability to divert just enough blood from the brain so that when it presents it's arguments they sound faultless.