written by Nkrumah Steward                                                PUBLISHED ON: Nov 7, 2006

Voter Intimidation: Same Ole Tricks, Same Ole Results.

New election, same old tricks.
The sad thing is that they work.
You can count on death, taxes, and that if you tell enough black people that you can get arrested for showing up at a voting station people will believe it.
Every single election here in the US, anonymous GOP supporters call black voters seemingly at random in predominately black districts and warn them that they will be arrested if they turn up to vote.
Blacks believe them and don’t show up.
Then, inevitably, blacks feel stupid for believing them, call the FBI and complain, the FBI investigate, ultimately find nothing, drop the investigation and blacks get all indignant about how disenfranchised they feel because they missed their chance to vote.
This happens every single election year, without fail.
The other tried and true trick that you always hear about is directing black voters to the wrong voting station.
Here is a suggestion. If some anonymous phone solicitor calls you the night before an election and tells you that your voting station has been moved clear across town, and you are going to have to take 4 different Buses and a ferry boat to get to it, stop by the old place just for kicks and giggles before you make that hike.
It’s sad that the GOP does this crap every year, but what is even sadder is that it works every single year.
I really don’t know what is more embarrassing, that they try this every year or that it works every year?
So who is to blame when people are this ignorant of how the process works?
Obviously, first of all, the responsibility for educating yourself on this kinda stuff rests on the voter’s shoulders.
But what about the black community as a whole? Everyone in the black community isn’t this ignorant of the process?
Since the black church is so powerful in the black community how about one Sunday after services the entire congregation goes out and educates the community about how the whole voting process works?
It wouldn’t hurt to even warn them about the kind of phone calls they can expect either.
It’s not like they are telling them anything they haven’t heard the previous election.
All of my life I have been hearing the same stories.
First of all, why would you be arrested for voting?
You’re an American. It’s your right. We had this thing called the civil rights movement…never mind it’s too long to get into on here. Trust me, you can vote.
And secondly, why don’t you know where you are going to be voting? And why can’t you ask where you should be voting prior to Election Day if you aren’t sure? How can you get hoodwinked every year by some anonymous phone solicitor who wants to give you directions to some new voting station in the middle of the friggin Potomac?
The fact is that this most likely isn’t working the other way around.
The GOP are calling blacks because they are most likely not going to vote for the GOP candidate and so every black that doesn’t vote is at least statically a vote not being cast against their candidate.
Maybe people on the left should start offering all the fish bait you can carry giveaway or an All RV’s must go and we pay your sales tax RV sales on election days to get the “our country” Chevy truck demographic to not vote.
No, what we want are people participating in the election process, not people chewing their cuticles off in the think tank trying to come up with new and innovative ways to discourage people from voting.
But that is the problem. They don’t have to come up with any new ways.
Why come up with new ways to get people to not go vote when the old ways still work?
Bookmark this article and in two years on Election Day come back to it and read it again.
Sadly, it will still be relevant.

Virginia Intimidation: Voter Threatened With Criminal Charges In Recorded Phone Message, ABC News, Nov 7, 2006
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