written by Nkrumah Steward                                               PUBLISHED ON: Nov 9, 2006

Americans Finally Fed Up

Americans suck.
I have mixed emotions about this total sweep of congress by the Democratic Party. I am happy, don’t get me wrong, but what took you so long?
Ohio I am talking about you.
What was it that you needed to experience for the past two years that you didn’t see in 2004?
I am glad to hear that you are upset about the war, as you should be. But my question is, why weren’t you in 2004?
Dubya has officially been castrated. He can’t do anything anymore without dealing with the checks and balances that have been put in place now by the American people.
The cocky little Napoleon that he turned out to be has lost his troops.
The first casualty of last night, Donald Rumsfeld has been removed from his post as Secretary of Defense.
I am sure his book about how much of a moron George Bush is will be coming within the next 12 months I look forward to reading it.
The scare tactics didn’t work this time.
The Republicans still went around, including Bush, telling the American people that "a vote for the Democrats was a vote for terrorists" and that "terrorist like Democrats". He said that only the Republican Party can keep you safe from terror. "The terrorists win and America loses" if Democrats prevailed on Election Day. Bush said to anyone that would listen.
He should be impeached for that alone.
Bush accused Democrats of believing "the best way to protect the American people is wait until we're attacked again."
This whole practice of demonizing anyone that doesn’t agree with your point of view became the preferred tone of dialog with him and this administration.
Sadly, most of us followed his lead.
So here we are standing here today, according to Bush and his cronies on verge of giving control of both houses of congress to Taliban loving, terrorist sympathizing, God-less, closet homosexuals and men-haters.
Doesn’t it feel good?
Although Dubya will continue to be a source of embarrassment for this country, at least the jig is up in regards to how he deals with American policy domestic and foreign.
If you like Bush you think he is a proudly unyielding President. If you don’t like him, you see him as an arrogant prick.
For the first time since Bush has been president he is now facing the prospect of working with a Democratic-congress. For the first time he has to deal with the very same Democrats that he has ignored for the past 6 years now will control the legislative agenda.
Bush and I finally agree on something, there is a God.
And unlike when he took office, I think the Democrats have a mandate from the American people.
Nearly 4 in 10 voters said they saw their ballot as a vote against Bush personally, about twice as many as those who said they had cast their vote to show support for him.
Ladies and gentlemen this "proudly unyielding President" has been put on notice.
But Democrats need to remember that they didn’t win this election, this was a vote against Bush, so they need to be cautious about the types of things that they try to get accomplished because Americans weren’t necessarily endorsing the democratic agenda in this election.
In some ways dealing with Dubya has been like dealing with a child since he has taken office.
And once again the Democrats are going to be expected to be the adult in this situation.
When Bush was king he wasn’t the least bit interested in working with any Democrat.
When Bush took office he ran Washington with a policy of excluding democrats from all dialogs. Since he didn’t need them to get policy passed in congress, he wholly ignored them.
Now that the Democrats have control over both houses of congress, shouldn’t it be time that they did the same?
But no, the first thing out of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s mouth is talking about working with coming up with a bipartisan solution to the litany of Dubya’s fuck ups.
Which Republicans will be more than welcome in working on solutions towards since it was largely Dubya’s screw ups that cost them the legislative branch of government.
When he was elected President first by the Supreme Court and the second time by the smallest of margins, he acted like he had a mandate from the American people to continue his God appointed crusade to take this country as backwards as possible politically and socially.
Now he says that he takes some responsibility for Tuesday’s loss of congress to the Democrats.
Personally a part of me would really like to see if he can take it as well as he can give it?
Impeach him. Why not? Precedence has been set right?
Have the paper work in by Friday morning and get him out of office by Christmas.
I am pretty sure that is what Jesus would do.
”Striking a tone of conciliation, she [Nancy Pelosi] offered assurances that any effort to impeach President Bush "is off the table."
Pelosi said in her own news conference at the Capitol: "Democrats are not about getting even. Democrats are about helping the American people to get ahead."
Why do we have to be the adults all the time? Why can’t just this once, it actually be about getting even?
Why do we have to always have to take the high road?
Why don’t we get just as proudly unyielding as he has been over the past six years and act like compromising in anyway is a sign of weakness.
Well there are two reasons.
We are better than he is. I believe that. In every way.
And the one thing we don’t want to be are hypocrites and if we do the same stuff he does then basically we would be just that.
Plus, once you start going down that road, which is acting like Dubya does, then you set a precedent for everyone to act that way. That would just be standard operating procedure. If the opposing party is in control over the House and the Senate then you get impeached. Period.
We cant have that.
Regardless of how immature and unprofessional Dubya and his cronies have been over the past six years it would not be in the interests of the nation to feed them what they have been serving.
Just like it wasn’t in the best interest of the country when they were excluding the Democrats over the past six years, obviously.
It should be enough that they lost all that they gained in a single night because none of them where men enough to stand up to Napoleon when they had the chance.
Again, they gave this election to the Democrats. Democrats didn’t win it.
This was a vote against Bush not for the democrats. We can’t lose sight of that.

World welcomes shift in U.S. politics, Associated Press, Nov 9, 2006
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